Monday , March 8 2021

Fizer: The Origin of the "Jewish-Christian" Principles Opinion

Fizer is a Vietnam-era veteran and founder of Roanoke-based accommodation technology. He lives in the Roanoke area.

"The recent withdrawal of US Senate John McCain led me to think of Gregory Thomson's letter of 18 August to the editor:" Where does the Jewish Christian come from? "John McCain understood the meaning, intent and context of the Jewish Christians on which the United States was based, McCain cruelly defended the Constitution, loved Israel, and often with Jews and Democrats Joe Lieberman traveled to the old city of Jerusalem. McCain understood the special place of the Jewish people in the past, present and future history, as it relates to the Bible.

The term "judeo-Christian" is considered to have been used for the first time by Alexander M & # 39; Caul in a letter dated 18 October 1821, followed by Joseph Wolff in 1829, who, when writing in the missionary magazine, used these words because they were related to Jews turning into Christianity. However, the context in which it is used today began in 1960 to combat individuals and courts that began to misinterpret and remove the "Jewish-Christian" principles from the context as they relate to our founding documents.

The Christian Old Testament is the Hebrew Tanaha (Jewish Bible). Written in Hebrew and Aramaic, both texts are in the same context and intent. They are united as Jewish-Christian beliefs. You could choose not to believe in historical events, places, and Bible people. However, the Bible is either historically righteous or not. Archaeologists found Dead Sea Scrolls and other articles and artifacts – or they did not. Many historians of this time, especially Joseph, have either recorded true events that are separate from Bible accounts, or they are not. However, an opinion that is not related to the writers does not change the facts. Sticking the head in the sand is about as effective as a "stop watch to save time." (Henry Ford)

Christianity began in Jerusalem from Judaism. The Greek word (Christianos) means "follower of Christ". The first Christians were Jews. Jesus was a Jew, born and raised by the Jews, visited and taught in the synagogue, practiced Jewish traditions. The 12 apostles of Jesus were Jews. He interpreted the meaning of the Old Testament prophecies for which the Jews were known. Although the Jewish leaders of the age did not agree with the interpretation of Jesus, it is clear that the Jewish people of Israel began Christianity as Jews and "Gentiles" by spreading it throughout the world (pagans – all people who can not trace their homeland to Abraham, Isaac or Jacob).

All articles or events, whether they are old or current, should be understood in writing in writing in the original context and article. Otherwise, one will always fall into the wrong conclusions. The purpose and cause of our founding, starting with the first residents of Jamestown and Plymouth Rock who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were based on Christianity. How do we know? Because they said so many thousands of written material, including a Congressional record that records all the work of the Congress and is available to everyone for reading. (Christian church services are approved by the Congress and held for 50 years at the US Congress.)

Gregory Thompson in his letter to the editor seems to have referred to Christians "whose followers have been persecuting Jews for the past two thousand years." To be clear, many Jews persecuted for centuries, but this was not and is not true for Christians who understand Israel's special place in God's eternal plan of mankind. In my opinion, McCain will agree that it is very important for the United States National Security to support and protect Israel and our Jewish-Christian principles against all enemies.

Our morals, family feeling, justice, freedom of individuals from violating government, as included in all founding documents of the United States from the Magna Carta to the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, are based on the principles of Judo-Christianity from the first century AD. Thus the phrase "Judo-Christian Principles" is most appropriate for describing our origins. "

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