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Cyclists pushed metal pedals to raise record highs of $ 3.5 million for sick children Jens


Madonna, Shere, Michael Bublé and Kathleen Turner were volunteers for an annual bike ride called "Wheel of Love", which stopped registering the leading pediatric rehab hospital in Israel, ALYN, with an increase of more than $ 3.5 million.

A five-day bike tour has just been completed in Israel, offering many different routes for many horseback riding. The goal was to raise $ 3.2 million in children in the Jerusalem ALYN Hospital, a non-profit health center that was founded 85 years ago to rehabilitate sick children as soon as possible. By the end of the journey, this figure amounted to $ 3517634.

It is the most comprehensive annual international charity event in Israel with hundreds of runners and volunteers from the Jewish state and the world.

Carol Sober is one of the 600 cyclists to help raise $ 3.5 million to help children at the ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. Credit: "Love wheels."

Around 600 cyclists participated in the largest bike contingent outside Israel (almost one third) flying from the United States. During the first three days, riders had challenging road and mountain routes in the south and the Dead Sea, and on the last two days riders encountered the Judean Hills slope. At the end of the journey, cyclists from all directions merge and drive along with a police escort to the hospital, where they are given a hero from current patients, employees, friends and families who are gathered to appreciate their efforts and generosity.

"Walking on ALYN's last riding day is a very exhilarating, yet cumbersome experience," says Ben Cohen, who, along with the UK Riders, visits his Woodmere, NY city. "You just finished five riding, doing and overcoming many obstacles – the heat, the wind, the covered area, the crazy paths, the terrible hills, and then you see the children who go out of the big challenges everyday … and they give to us medals! "

Harmons Grossman of Teaneck, N.J., completed the bicycle eight times. "People talk about all the holy places in Jerusalem, but I can tell you that Jerusalem's most desirable place is the hospital, where professionals and volunteers help children from every corner of Israel to win the hardest challenges life can bring."

He adds that "the last climb to Jerusalem is always physically challenging, but when you go to a hospital, and these children who are rigorously disabled are looking forward to seeing and winning the medal around the neck, well, I do not worry that I have every one of you cried a year. "

It was Ron's offer for the sixth time to participate. The offer, which runs on Silver Spring in Madison and the surrounding area, says that the children of ALYN are the "true heroes / heroes" of the journey. "They fight every year, long after we hit our bikes. They have not volunteered to rise up and they simply can not" stop riding "whenever they want. They fight and never give up every day."

Driving through the desert is a worthy cause. Credit: Tomer Feder Sports Photography.

Indeed, the most inspirational group of participants is the same patients and former patients – Swift and Bold ALYN Riders who go full or easy on tandem bikes, by hand or even by regular bike, according to their individual abilities and special volunteer leadership.

"I feel amazing," says 17-year-old Qais Oweis, who has just finished a 50-kilometer bike on his own bike for the second time. Qais, who is now able to walk with crutches after having undergone several operations, has been rehabilitated for several months in ALYN operations.

Re-define your abilities

The physiotherapist at the ALYN Rehabilitation Center Ruth Witztum has been in charge of Swift and Bold for seven years. In the first year, ALYN ran with Rite of Love as a member. The following year she looked at the children she was treating and thought that some of them could take part. Initially, children and families thought it would not be possible. Some could not walk, some of them could only do some helpful steps, and Witstum asked them to ride a 2km race!

But the children turned to the challenge, and Ruta saw significant changes. "2-kilometer dream" became 10 kilometers; it increased the self-esteem of children, as well as their parents' confidence. Parents have been so used to the work schedule around the treatment times when they had to change the transfer and know that they are now organizing training session scheduling. Children who later failed to participate in other post-school activities were now members of the group.

A cyclist received a medal from a hospital patient. Credit: ALYN.

According to Witztum, "cycling has given these children better health, independence and mobility. We simply needed to find the right bike for everyone. More importantly, being a successful rider, they can no longer redefine their disabilities, but their riding ability. "

Now, children aged 10 to 22 are seriously trains with the volunteer group four months before the trip. This year, there were 15 Swift and Bold team members who, along with other cyclists from Israel and abroad, came to road and road routes for tandems and bikes.

Donations that are collected as part of a campaign help to eliminate the difference between actual hospital costs, the quality multidisciplinary rehabilitation method it provides and the repayment of regular official payments received by any hospitalized child.

Dr. Maurit Beeri, director of the ALYN Hospital, explains that "the funds provided enable us to provide the necessary treatment and treatment for children, rather than restraining the treatment of the basic needs of the Israeli state's health care system." Each additional penny goes to additional therapists, a wider range of emotional support modular choices, innovative interdisciplinary projects and more practical care. It helps to give the child extra chances that could only make the whole difference in the world. "

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