Wednesday , December 1 2021

Boaz Bagbag Helps Immigrants Thrive in America | news



New York – Israeli official Boaz Bagbag pays it further to help immigrants simply by allowing others to share American Dream. Freedom, financial stability and a new beginning for a new generation Bagbag supplies resources to foreigners to fit into Opportunity Land.

Boaz Bagbag is a Renaissance man. New York's tech guru won his fortune with state-funded award-winning automotive safety equipment. The mechanics that is installed on most service vehicles is the success of the multi-million dollar company that provides self-employed luxury services that welcome the employment of US immigrants and refugees. So far, Baghbag has helped to serve more than 4,000 US immigrants in the New York metropolitan area. Provide many vehicles and equal opportunities to build empire as independent entrepreneurs. A 54-year-old businessman has earned about $ 50 million in net worth through his consumer transport business.

"I give them cars and help them live properly without a boss. They get a car that's good to work in one of NYC's apps, they do not have to worry about insurance or repair, just go and make money for their family."

Moving to countries from Israel 25 years ago (1993) in search of better living and equal opportunities. Bagbags, like most immigrants, came to the United States to grow up with hard work and dedication. Booz began, Boaz found its way into the technology industry and created a profitable car safety technology after years of entry-level work in the automotive industry. The technology received a merger from the transport giants Uber and Lyft, with high profits through support. Every year from 2015, you earn triple profit.

Self-made, Bagbag allows his fight for a debt that is paid to others in a similar way. "To be humble in answering this question, the truth is my kindness and helpfulness is due to the fact that I personally went to fight when I arrived in this country," he remembers. "I admit that the fight is real, complicated and complicated, and if I have the opportunity to help someone, I have the pleasure to do that."

Buying happiness, Boaz became involved in politics. An accomplished businessman has been actively involved in the Manhattan Congress for more than a decade. Understanding the importance of politics and co-operation with people, Bagbags pledges his mission to educate, support and promote the right potential candidate for any New York election.

A known donor of regional public officials and wants to change society. Bagbag began to engage in politics in 2004 with donations from potential democratic officials. Bagbag has become a major contributor to Israeli officials, helping hundreds of people a year on financial and other issues.

Thanks to success and great opportunities, Bagbag has grown into one of the Israeli government's most helpful Israeli officials. Courageous employer and well known active Jewish faith member. Boaz, for the real community, promotes the severity of mental health problems. Thanks to extensive research and personal interests, Bagbag is confronted with one hand by providing informative dialogue and regular social gatherings, such as community issues and community seminars. Bagbag's influential leadership has inspired the public to engage in research, looking for funding for mental health solutions.

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