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The Head of Jewish Home and Education Minister Naftali Bennett spoke at a meeting of the faction, which will be held on Monday at the start of the winter session in Knesset. (Miriam Alster / Flash90)

An overview of Deputy Prosecutor General Dinas Zilbere's critique of the right-wing government on Wednesday arrived Wednesday when Education Minister Naftali Bennett said he would boycott the meetings in which he would take part.

"I confirm that if Zilber is not pressed, as long as she arrives at government meetings, we will leave and not attend the meeting until she is there," Bennett said in an interview with Channel 2.

"Her role is to provide legal advice rather than educate us. She is suffering from the great edge, and it is clear that her words are politically. Let her step down and run politics if she wants. She has advised us," said the Jewish House chairman.

Ayelet Shaked, Tuesday's justice minister, demanded that she be suspended from the office representing the ministry of Knesset or the Supreme Court, until Prosecutor General Avichai Mandelblits completes the investigation. The demand was after Zilber spoke contrary to the Draft Law on Culture, which would deny funding for disruptive programs and, in her opinion, generally fell on a policy of distortion of rights.

"The prosecutor general or one of his interests can come and show a controversial legal position, but not a political position," Shaked said at MarkerRoad Safety Conference.

"If a senior public official wants to engage in political affairs, he should step down and join one of the parties or an NGO. This can not be done within the government's advisory role.

However, it was not clear who has the right to dismiss Zilber. Although the Minister of Justice is at the top of the government's hierarchy at the top of the Attorney General's office, the latter exercises his powers regardless of the former as executive power of the highest legal officer.

"There is an argument on the powers of the Prosecutor General. We are divided on the question of Dina Zilber. Finally, she is not currently taking part in the Knesset and the government until the Prosecutor General has completed her investigations, and that is the key, and that's important," Shaked said.

Mandelblits argued that the right to retain or dismiss the Deputy Prosecutor General was to him as the Attorney General.

"The decision on the appearance of a legal entity subject to a property is a decision that is subject to my authority and my exclusive responsibility and has no place to intervene in this institution," Mandelblits wrote directly opposite Shaked.

"I plan to review the statements in my letter, and later I will inform you about how it is useful for me to take action on this matter," said Mandelblits.

However, Mandelblits agreed that, while this issue is still pending, Zilber will not be involved in the Cannes committee's deliberations and government debates without him. Jerusalem Post.

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