Sunday , February 28 2021

Argentinean Jews protest BDS supports Water Tour | Jns

Argentinean Jews protest against former Pink Floyd member and pro-BDS lawyer Roger Waters hike to Latin America.

Waters took part in a pro-BDS event in Buenos Aires just days before his concert.

"We need to strengthen our municipalities to press Israel in favor of Palestinian human rights," he said in the BDS Argentina program "The World Without Walls".

An Argentinean cynical organization called "Waters" is one of the largest contemporary anti-Semites in the online campaign.

The younger waterman triggered a reaction from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which urged tourists to withdraw their support.

"Waters arrived in Uruguay and Argentina to promote BDS-Boycott, the transfer of sanctions, which were declared illegal by an increasing number of European jurisdictions, based on attacks on Nazi Germany in Jewish shops and businesses against Kaufen nicht and Juden "No, buying from Jews," said Shimon Samuel, director of international affairs at the center. "She hates the festival's travel times until the 80th anniversary of the Today's Kristallnacht (" Broken Glass Night ")."

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