Saturday , May 15 2021

AP camera shot shot in Gaza during protest

GAZA CITY, the Gaza Strip – said witnesses and medical officials said that gambling Americans were killed and wounded on Monday when they were screened in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

At the Israeli border during the weekly protest, Rashed Rashid, 47, was shot dead. Doctors said he had several bone fractures above the ankle and they should do surgery.

Witnesses said he was about 600 meters (1969 feet) from the fence, far from the protesters. He worked with a live camera on a raised spot with a view of the protest and wearing a blue helmet and a brown protective vest with the word "PRESS", written in white.

The co-worker said that the fire came from the Israeli border. Israeli military officials said they were investigating this incident.

AP chief Najib Jobang, Gaza leader in Gaza, said that he spoke to Rasidi when he was speaking on the phone when he was admitted.

"Although with me on the line, I heard their shouting:" I hit, I hit, "reviewed Jobain, who said that Rashid said the protest was over and he was about to stop broadcasting.

Maed Hamdan, AP manager, worked with Rashid and collected equipment to load in his vehicle when the protest stopped. "I began to put some of our little things in the car when I heard Rashed screaming," he said.

For almost eight months, Gaza's Hamas leaders have organized mass demonstrations and threatened to curb the border in order to help Israel overcome a disruptive blockade. Some Palestinians have violated the security fence or crossed the territory of Israel.

More than 170 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured, but at least two Israeli soldiers have been killed.

Israel accuses Hamas of threatening civilians by using demonstrations as an attack on the attack. It says it only opens the fire when it's needed and has hit the rocket barrage.

Leaders in Gaza say that many of the murdered Palestinians have been unarmed.

Rashid has worked for the AP since 2002.

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