Saturday , May 15 2021

Al-Manar TV Lebanon continues to issue critical warnings in the region

On Wednesday, General Leopon General Joseph Aoun proclaimed the Order of the Day for Soldiers of Military Institutions on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Lebanon Independence Day, emphasizing the importance of a continuing alert in the face of fog in the region.

The agenda is as follows::

"Collective troops
We celebrate the anniversary of our Independence Diamond on this day with all the teachings and morals that we can use from this wonderful memory, especially since the resistance of Lebanon to storms and unfavorable conditions in the long part of its history proved to be impossible to doubt that on 22 April 1943, the independence of November was not merely a cross between regions and international conditions; It is based on the growth of the Lebanese people's struggles against occupations and foreign mandates, as well as their strong belief in this country and their untiring efforts to achieve an integrated national identity unique to its leading cultural and civilian model. In addition, your armed forces that have emerged in the womb of this independence have, to this day, proved that they are well suited to preserving this trust because they were happy to offer countless martyrs and wounded soldiers in the Altar to protect its unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

History has a series of stages, and some of these stages in themselves are all history. You have written with a sacrificial blood of bright leaves in the history of modern Lebanon. You have done so with your perseverance and readiness of the southern border during this serious change and serious international conflicts to break the threat of Israeli enemy schemes and frighten. You have come across attempts to put your hands on our land and oil riches. I urge you on this journey, armed with your holy rights, to protect the land and people in close coordination and in cooperation with UNFIL in order to implement Security Council Resolution 1701 in all its clauses. This commitment will strengthen your perseverance and ability to face this enemy and reveal your aggressive intentions to the whole world. I am well aware that you are ready to release the Siebh kennel and the Kfarrhub mountains in order to continue the deployment in these areas and to place in the northern part of the occupied Ghajar.
The other side of your victims is compiling your fight against terrorism, which you have left from your own land. Now you are deployed on the north and east to provide this area of ​​land in Lebanon against any attempt by terrorist groups to invade and prevent smuggling operations and illegal entry.
Be convinced knowing that the internal stability that we enjoy is a direct result of your unceasing and untiring efforts made to track and dismantle the cells of terrorism by launching proactive actions.
The Knights will not have a safe shelter, and the Armed Forces are committed to hunting them and protecting citizens against their misconduct and the drugs that threatens our society.

The uncertain situation surrounding the entire region, given the serious potential changes, will undoubtedly affect our country, not to mention the critical circumstances in Lebanon. These factors make it inevitable to stay at the highest degree of readiness to resist the challenges of this stage in all its forms and forms. Your unconcerned commitment to fulfill your mission in terms of expertise, trust and commitment translates into an intersection bridge that allows the state to meet a promising phase in which all public authorities fulfill their natural role and embark on a renewal process. at all levels.
Just as Cedars reaches the center of Lebanon's flag, your armed forces capture the heart of the nation, so I urge you to become a community of hope in the state of the veins. Be firm in your determination, unwavering in your heroism, thank you very much for the trust of people, take pride in your heritage heritage, to prove once again that you are a solid fence of the state and loyal advocates of independence. "

Source: Al-Manar English Web site and NNA

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