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34 of the Lost Candidates: NPR


President Trump announced victory at a press conference on Wednesday after the Democrats took control of government, while Republicans retained their majority in the Senate.

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

President Trump announced victory at a press conference on Wednesday after the Democrats took control of government, while Republicans retained their majority in the Senate.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

President Trump often uses the power of positive thinking when it comes to his shortcomings in choosing to promote victory rather than crash or seek hours of loss. So it was with his claim of "very close to full victory" in Tuesday's election, although the Democrats took over from Parliament's control.

Trump said that his energetic campaign "stopped the blue wave they talked about", which led to a "great victory", especially during the two months before the election.

"And history will really see what we've done in the last couple of weeks," he said, "to get more and more people over the finish line."

In 2018, he held 44 "Make America Great Again" rallies and tweeted approvals for 83 candidates. In total, 91 Prime Minister Prime Ministers got one of the Trump words.

But the short actual success record was far below "total victory." Overall, about 55 percent of the candidates he has approved have won today's vote in Tuesday.

Using tweets as stand-in confirmations, the primaries, Trump for the selected candidates were exceptionally good, with a record of 27-1. But in general elections, where Republican base voters were not the only ones that determined the outcome, the Quick Scorecard is mixed – with 50 wins, 34 losses and seven the race has not yet been decided (from this writing). It is a candidate census he has tweeted notes or who spoke on stage at MAGA rallies with her. In 2018 two special parliamentary elections took place in which one of his candidates won and one lost.

At the closing week of the campaign, Trump turned away from the House, where many of the most competitive races ran in the suburbs, focusing on Senate and governor races in countries where he is relatively popular.

Bill Stieps, the political director at the voting house on the election night, explained: "They are Short Countries, and the history of his success returning to the historic victory of 2016 raised the race."

In total, 17 supporters from the Trump supported the governor, nine won, seven lost, and no decision yet.

Last week's rally seems to have paid off with Republican winning governors in Florida, Ohio, and the Senate in Missouri, Tennessee and Indiana. In Georgia, although the Republican governor candidate Brian Kemp declared victory, the race has not yet been called, and democracy has not been acknowledged by Stacey Abram.

At three points for government leaders, they are winning the important rocking states of 2020, including Ohio and Florida, but he was not able to recognize Republican losses in Colorado, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

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On Wednesday, Democrat Senator Jon Tester saw the victory in Montana. It was a race that Trump was interested in because Tester was involved in the balloon nomination nomination Ronny Jackson to become VA secretary. This year, Trump held four rallies this year, but could not relax republican Matt Rosendale over the finish line.

To date, a short record with Senate approvals: nine wins, nine losses. The three races remain uncontested.

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Trump says he is in contradiction with history, as Republicans have achieved success in the Senate in the medium term. However, the race this year took place in order to be defeated in a republicanly friendly territory, with many Democrats re-elected in countries Trump won 2016.

Among the losses in Parliament were a number of Republican candidates who did not accept the president. In their areas, Trumps were toxic and they felt that they needed to leave him to survive. But they still lost. Trump appeared on them at the third third news conference.

"They were very bad, I'm not convinced that I would be happy or sad, but I feel just fine about it." Carlos Curbelo, Mike Coffman – too bad, Mike, "Trump said that he retired before pointing out to several other candidates who relied on his rhetoric or politics." Mia Love did not make me love, and she lost. Too bad Sorry, Mia. "

It is not clear that covering Trump would have changed their fate, taking into account the mood of voters in these districts. Trump of eight of the lost candidates on Wednesday made them unsatisfactory, Trump had approved three of them.

Overall, a short entry into the headquarters race, where he supported the candidates for rallies or Twitter, had 32 victories, 18 losses and three still uncertain.

NPR Washington's stationary Naomi Shah participated in this story.

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