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Wayne Rooney wears 10 shirts, a captain's bracelet in England

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Published: November 15, 2010, at. 9:07:28

Wayne Rooney England's Wayne Rooney during training. (Source: Reuters)

According to Gareth Southgate, manager Gareth Southgate said Wayne Rooney would wear a Thursday friendly match against the United States. "The players really want Wayne to carry the number 10 and we believe it's worthy of worth," Wednesday announced Wednesday at a press conference at Southgate.

"The whole of our group is very respectful of Wayne, and they think it's fitting that his last game is 10th," added England's manager. Rooney, who now plays Major League Soccer at D.C. United, will start on the bench before arriving in the squad on his 120th and final cap at the international Wembley Stadium.

Southgate did not want to set the time in the game when Rooney came, but said that he had discussed it with a 33-year-old. "We will give him enough to make it fit for me … but we also want to make sure we get the balance by looking at the youngest players, giving them the shortest time and ensuring the right preparations for Sunday is another priority."

England is facing Croatia on the Nations League match on Sunday. "But I have to say that it is very important for all of us as a group that he gets a good deal," added Southgate, who said that Rooney had looked great training.

"He's in good shape, we knew he was in good shape with his club coming in. He's fitted out perfectly for training."

Captain Delph
Captain England's Fabian Delphs Manchester City England vs. USA, but Rooney brings a handful of forces when he joins. "When I first came to England, Wayne was the captain, he took me and placed a hand around me and made me feel at home. As soon as he arrives, I'll give him back," said the half-taker.

"We will honor him. It will be a huge night of Wayne, and it is important that we honor him for all his achievements throughout his career."

The decision to make a friendly nightlife Rooney has split his opinion with some sworn reminders of a player who has departed from the national team in deflection of the English cap. Southgate has saddened Rooney to face the following issues.

"It was unsatisfactory to see him (Wayne) almost defend his inclusion, but that's what we are. Most importantly, in the England group, we appreciate what he has done and what he has given," he said. "We are happy to be with him. Hopefully, he has been caught up in the heat of all of us, and I know that the supporters' reaction will be very special for him," added Southgate.

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