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When Rick Grimes first went to our televisions for Halloween at night in 2010, Don Drapers was still abusive about women and drank like fish Crazy man. Walter White worked in the drug empire of Albuquerque; Niki Thompson ruled Atlantiques as a tyrant; and Dexter Morgan killed his way through the underworld of Miami and his road to becoming the most shocking hunting game in television history. Then came the beautiful English actor Andrew Lincoln, who played the substitute of a small city of Georgia, a sheriff with a brilliant look for a cowboy hat and related purposes. He just wanted to kill zombies and protect his loved ones. What could not about root

Now Rick has gone: impaled with a fixture, blown by dynamite, then wiped off at the mysterious helicopter late last night's episode. Immediately after final loans AMC announced that Lincoln will play a major role in the film series TWD the universe, continuing the character of the story. "It's not the end of the story," Lincoln said in a statement, "it's the beginning." Do you think this is a good idea or not, is a personal point of view. (Based on the Twitter chatroulette, many fans do not.) But, although he is not dead, this morning he is no longer the protagonist of the TV show. The Walking Dead.

In a way, the story of what's been happening with this special character over the last eight years is a story about what's going on with the TV. Beginning in 2010, prestigious cable TV drama was associated with shooting, which made difficult decisions and left a wreckage trajectory. Here, close to the end of the decade, thanks to the small part of the world's ever-greater life-threatening badbois, such exhilarating, exhilarating, internally tortured men are simply not as satisfying or fun as watching.

However, when he leaves The Walking Dead In any case, on a small screen or in an episodic format, it is worth learning a while to assess the good work that Lincoln did, with a role that was sometimes powerless.

Before that first TWD The episode, the Royal Academy of dramatized art actor (born in London under the name of Andrew James Clutterbuck) was best known for playing the heartfelt best person for perennial Christmas favorite I love actually. But as soon as he became a sheriff's deputy, Grimm, it was hard to imagine Lincoln like anyone else. In his interviews, his hearing speaks in his own voice, since he has been working for a long time on the southern rod of Rich's sin.

Both Lincoln and Rick Grimes were exactly what this show was needed in the first seasons, as it evolved from rather well-regarded, horrific horror drama that was a clear cultural phenomenon. During the first season, the series suffered from rear attacks, on two different show runs, before Scott M. Gimple stabilized the ship during the fourteenth season. At the same time, all those who responded to heavy raises on their stars, accepting the perception of the original comic book writer Robert Kirkman's lawyer as a pragmatic, bona fide character and giving it some dimension and pathos.

Even if he was in conflict with the fact that he took the lead (it was a lot of two and three seasons), Rick was a lightweight protagonist to follow. He was just the guy who loved his son Carlu, and later his adopted daughter Judith. When his surviving group went south, looking for a place to pay, fighting deadly enemies, he adapted to every new situation … sometimes too slow, but always definitely. Rick was heart The Walking Dead.

But he never had a brain or a soul. The fans in the first few years could already see the signs that could become the "Rick's problem" because the writers would create dubious creative decisions based on the thought that the real story they were telling was about one person's personal growth – and not about, y & # 39; know, rebuilds all civilizations after a zombie apocalypse. To become so worthy of attention, this once appealing simple benefactor gradually became more acidic and immoral. The hero who drove to the city on a white horse to save the day has become more difficult. He became an anheroid of television.

It did not help that Rick was rarely the coolest character in any particular episode – not Michonne's surrounded by a sword, or aristocratic Daryl, the kind and capable Glenn, the cruel Carol, or the commanding King Ezekiel. It tells that the last night in the rigorously named episode "What Comes After", credited by writers Gimple and Matthew Negrete, suggests that almost every remaining great The Walking Dead A player nearby, when Rick causes an explosion that they take, kills him (although it does not make much sense in telling). This is in part due to what Lincoln meant for the series. But this is also a way of reminding viewers how deeply the franchise stand is.

It's also quite ridiculous whether the writers wondered whether it was or not that Rick's big exit involved him by making several incredible bony legs. This season, the first four episodes were for the Virginia state's former fighting factions, which are trying to cooperate despite long-term distrust and unfair distribution of resources. Our hero who dreams of everybody gathering to create a brilliant bridge is becoming increasingly unreliable, and then watches when the project fits with arguments and violence.

So what's going on in Rick's last episode? After being thrown out of a horse to a metal pillar, trying to drive a zombie orde away from this structure, which is so useful to him, he then relaxes himself and stops at the bridge that he eventually blows to keep his walk around. (As DiedThe big villain did not once say about his rivals' perceptions of catastrophic strategic gaps: "You suck your ass, Rick. You're really doing.")

The undefeated Anne (formerly known as avant-garde sculptor and wizard leader Jadis before her release last season) reveals the scarlet, burnt, broken but still functioning body. She is the one calling on a rescue helicopter belonging to a new, unbroken community. Then one of the final symbol symbols, episodes closing minutes forward, to discover now the preteen Judith Grimes, helping the other emigrants.

And so the performance of the son of macho becomes an appearance for his young daughter, maybe? It will follow along with a change in the drama team, where Gimple has already handed spectator wires to one of his writers, Angela Kang. You must see what The Walking DeadAttention will be paid to the future and how Kangs and the company will resolve all the conflicts that were before this time were leaps. But now they have solved their Rick's problem.

Before a man with (often ridiculous) plans disappeared into heaven, the show gave him a fair amount of money, with a fee – you had a good hour of seeing unconscious and imagining conversations with dead friends from the past: Shane, Sasha, Hershel. (R.I.P. Scott Wilson.) They all talk with him last time about what he has learned about leadership and survival, and about what is best for him. Lincoln, and character, deserves such a finest arcade game.

However, these small chat participants also highlighted how little Rick Grum did or discover The Walking Dead, at least as we have seen it in the last eight years. We have followed similar men, for example, on their television, for a long time. Maybe it's time to let the TV antihero die.

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