Sunday , March 26 2023

Two arrested for alleged hardened competition in Limerick


Following a possible race in Co Limerick, two men were arrested and two vehicles were arrested.

The Gardaí were on the N24 Tipperary road this morning shortly before 8am, where they spotted a group of vehicles involved in a supposedly skewed race.

As the delicious approached the group, the two of them drove off at speed.

The Gardaí followed them from a safe distance as they drove at high speed through the town of Caherconlish.

Both vehicles were later in Caherconlish, and two 30-year-old men were arrested.

They are currently being held at Roxboro Road Garda Station.

Speaking today in Roxboro, Superintendent Dermot O Conor said the wardrobe in Limerick has been “particularly vigilant” with regard to horses that are not properly controlled or where they are neglected or mistreated.

He added: “Heavy racing on public roads is illegal and dangerous for all road users, and can put a huge strain on horses.

“The Gardaí will investigate all dangers, illegal races and places where animals are mistreated.”

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