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The visit of St Finbarr makes Paul Downey back on days in blue


In the middle of last month, when Dr Crokes's secretary Paul Downey crossed, his oldest club, St Finbarr, could visit Lewis Road for the Munster semifinals.

Barri was after they returned to the end of the cork, and Crokes was about to do it across the border. A quick scan from Mannster GAA told him that Cork and Kerry champions will meet November 11th if they violate Tipperary's quarter-finals in the quarter.

And since, as Downey hoped this could happen, the semi-final of St Finbarr-Dr Crokes Munster has passed; a club in which Downey has been a member of the past 10 years, hosting a club with whom he won the Cork Intermediate Soccer Medal in 1970.

Indeed, Paul Downey's Three Division of GAA comes close to this weekend because the city where he was raised, Kilmacthomas, plays 10 minutes from Killarney's Minerster semifinals semi-finals against Kilcummin.

"I'm so hoping for these weekends. It will be nice to get along with old friends," says Downey, to reunite with men, he's a soldier along with all the 1970s.

This story begins a little bit earlier than the fact that in exactly 1965, the new Garda Downey was located on the old Barrack Street Station in Cork. The house could no longer have Kilmacthomas, but it was not going to stop him from scratching at his home club in the summer months.

It was a journey that was not easy to do, mind you.

"Back home was 60 miles, but a lot of time I had lifts," Downey recalls. "On some evenings it can take three hours to get from Cork to Kilmactham, depending on the goodness of others.

"I'll get a bus to a two-way carriageway down the Tivoli road and start stuck. I'm probably lucky enough to lift the lift completely or lift it up a little, then ride up and start repeating again."

It was customary for him to follow his first five years in Cork. After all, the painting shone on the side of the road, shoving the elevator eastward. Kilmactham azure changed to the darkest shade of St Finbarr.

"Bari was a club in the area where I was stationed, so it made sense to throw my party with them. At that time, I knew Charlie McCarthy, the late Charlie Cullinane and Tony Maher. I had to make the club welcome."

His first year turned out to be his most successful, Downey, between the spokes, since Barr's second team won the 1970 Cork Intermediate Soccer title. Drawing 1-8 at Youghal's old athletic squad, Barr played a repeat that played in Cobh, with a score of 3-6 up 1-7.

"It was the height of my career in the career. Then I went down, I'm scared," he comforts.

"As for GAA, it was a great time to be in Cork. The Hurling competition between the three city clubs – Blackrock, Glen and Barr – was a huge crowd puller. Bari was like a small Ireland in comparison to Glen, and Klaien was a great success in this decade, and you could to see that there were more new players there that would ensure that they had another powerful time of the 80s.

"I really enjoyed my time with Barra. Great people, great friends."

By promoting the Detective Agent, he saw Kilarley in 1980, and while his GAA fell into disrepute when he returned, Dr Crokes became his new home.

Now the retired dude was part of the Crokes intermediate hurling management team before embarking on his current secretary role over the last four years.

"This week has been crazy," he says in preparation for Münster's semifinals.

"Assembling materials for the game program requires a bit of work. We have TG4 that shows the game live, so I'm dealing with them.

"However, you would not have the help. The club has a great structure. Many people do not see anyone, in particular a committee of events that prepares meals and dishes after meals, they never seek glory, but have to be praised."

He also had a lot of contacts with the opposition.

"Donal Murray is their club secretary and we would like to go right back when I was in the 70s. Donal leads Barra's golf classics, and I go and play every year. He would be a good friend, as well as Barra football manager Liam Hodnett. of us in the seventies of the last century was part of an intermediate football team.

"Mika [Comyns], an optional player with my football players, I know very well. Very good guy, another good friend. I will visit a lot of friends on Sunday. Anything that comes near you, however, will have to be done before throwing. "


This year's colleague in the Bar is definitely more in depth. With Colm Scully and Eoghan McGreevey stepping up to become the first team commander, this means that last year's starters are now available, if necessary. Ray Keane was able to bring experienced Glen O & # 39; Connor to the semi-final field finale; Eoghan Finn won 1-1 when it was introduced in the second half, while another reserve Colm Barrett was also one of the scorers. However, they still lack the luxury that he is able to leave the player as talented and decorated as Colm Cooper on the stand and then bring him into a decisive half-time.


The main factor in St Finbarr Cork's final victory was Ian Maguire's second-hand display. Tomorrow, Barrra's chief executive officer is Johnny Buckley's company, not minded by Daithi Casey, and deeply sitting side by side Brian Looney, orbiting his place. If Maguire takes place, Barr will fight.


John Kerin is deeply in love at the end of the break after Daklan Murphy's leg break; this Munster semi-final is only his third start as a goalkeeper to the club's senior team. This is Crock's average third, the creaking force and the ability to find a blue shirt with each restart will be tested. Last year's Münster's semi-finals Lewis Road, Crokes's 15-point winning gap was heavily related to the dominant position of Ambrose O & # 39; Donovan and Johnny Buckley in Kilmurry / Ibrickane.

Crokes goalkeeper Shane Murphy hopes to have some better rides than last week when he was sometimes struggling to find a black and an amber shirt in the first half against Moyle Rovers.

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