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the latest German coupe crossover


Before we get on the road, I have to explain that I really do not understand the attractiveness of this car format. Take a small load coupe and lift it up in the air. Then put a few hundred more kilos. Alternatively, take a functionally oriented SUV and climb onto the roof to reduce the saw's position and prevent the addition of a third row of seats. What you end up with is a machine with less functionality than an SUV and less sporty than a conventional coupe.

And yet here we are another German coupe crossover, this time courtesy of Audi. Heavyweight product planners in the German automobile manufacturer unambiguously believe in this format. And there is clearly a multi-day Powerpoint presentation and pie-chart to support their views. I still do not understand it.

However, since BMW appeared with its odd look at the X6, some folks love this format. And, given that VW Group's engineers are repacking masters, why not create Q8? After all, what we are here is not a completely new car. Underneath the leather are the same foundations as the Audi Q7, the new VW Touareg, the Porsche Cayenne, the Lamborghini Urus and even the Bentley Bentay.

Although the Audi Q8 collectively supports its general rationale with Q7's seven-seat parents, the actual sizes vary. To get started, it's shorter, but it's understandable given that it takes the five-seater format.

The test car was 50, which is not the main number, but it is the main example of the adoption of the title convention for a four-wheel brand. Audi has abandoned the traditional way of identifying various derivative instruments by engine size. Instead, it has chosen an arbitrary number scale: the higher the number, the higher the car output.

The righteous Audi is the point. For most new models that have at least a mild hybrid electric support, as well as a new battery-powered model park, the differentiation of cars by engine size becomes more and more complex. Eventually, the latest one-liter petrol engines can overcome several of their larger counterparts. Perhaps the Audi naming convention will not hurt, but they are right that the relationship between cubic capacity and performance has ended.

The reality of roads

Code decryption means that the Q8 is powered by a three-liter 286bhp diesel with an eight-speed tiptronic automatic transmission. It provides 0-100 km / h for 6.3 seconds in this crossover.

Digging these numbers against reality on the road, the two qualities are quickly noticed. Firstly, the athletic mode makes this big bus movement, even if there is a significant short-time deviation between running down the butterfly and Q8 pushing to the horizon. However, it never gives a sporty promise. Not surprising, because it weighs more than 2½ tons.

Audi Q8 50 TDI: Unlike many of its four-wheel brothers and sisters, it's the best Audi looks, which can hold more than two passengers.

Audi Q8 50 TDI: Unlike many of its four-wheel brothers and sisters, it's the best Audi looks, which can hold more than two passengers.

With a customizable air suspension and all-wheel steering, the Q8 ran past the edges of the road that we encountered during the week. Occasionally the system was shaken by extreme speed cams and holes, but in general, comfort was normal, even in sports mode. The only problem is that it always considers its size. Little is the fact that the "coupe" is recommended for the driving characteristics of this car.

As for the look, while the Range Rover Velar is still the yardstick dropping out, it surely provides the second place, far ahead of the unusual BMW X6 and even smaller Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe.

Small touches, for example, bezframe doors, sharper sloping roofline and more precisely defined rear pillars lend a coupe look to the car. Perhaps the most striking touch of style is the standard 21-inch alloys, with an option to increase up to 22 inches if you really want to add more bling.

We really did not have the opportunity to stretch out the Q8 foot as much as we liked – it's our fault, not Audi, but it was the second time that we were able to spend time in a car and our first three engine brothers: the new VW Touareg, and the second At the end of the spectrum, the Lamborghini Urus.

Goldilocks Opportunity

VW is more practical, but it also boasts an impressive range of technologies, while Lambo is more fun with performance and price. The Q8 is proud of its sharp-edged style, like Urus, the technologies developed as Touareg (and somewhat more sophisticated) and the price that is only cheap for luxury salon buyers. Does it also make the Q8 an option for Goldilocks? Maybe it.

The benefit of the Q8 is that, unlike many four rings of brothers and sisters, it's the best Audi that can hold more than two passengers. One time Audi has forsaken the reign of its design team and returned the final results.

Audi Q8 50 TDI: There's little to suggest

Audi Q8 50 TDI: There's little that suggests "coupes" about the driving characteristics of this car.

The lips against the (still) odd looks of the BMW X6 and Merc GLE coupé or glittering Velar and our money would be on Audi, which is consistent with its strong distinctive styles, touching impressive performance and brand reputation to create quality over its UK counterpart.

However, pricing requires careful attention. Although our car list price was 102,200 euro, our test car was equipped with an expedition worth 24,444 euros. That's just how much people spend on their new car. Some options were obviously expensive, for example, the high-end Bang & Olufsen sound system is € 1,907. After all, if you add new car options, you humiliate your big tax rate. But € 2,304 for heads-up displays is too much, as well as € 1,060 for "door closing with force". This means that the "luggage compartment cover" is € 432. And one option list offer, though not included in our test car, was of interest to me: Audi exclusive floor mats for 713 euros.

Focusing on the Audi electric future later, the Q8 still has three-liter diesel in the heart of the heart by swallowing 6.8 l / 100km (41.5mpg) according to official figures and distributing 178g / km of CO2, resulting in an annual engine tax bill of 750 euros.

For all its elegance, the Q8 left me embarrassed by this coupe crossover SUV. In an effort to be for all, to all drivers, they are never properly delivered to any area. However, if style and shape outstrips the substance and functionality of your life, the Q8 is the best for purchasing these five-seat behemoths.

Lowdown: Audi Q8 3.0 TDI "50" S Line

Engine: Three-liter diesel engine that spill out with 286bhp with an eight-speed tiptronic automatic transmission

0-100 km / h: 6.3 seconds

L / 100 km (mpg): 6.8 (41.5)

Emissions (motor tax): 178 g / km (750 euros)

The price: 102 200 EUR (126 644 EUR)

Our rating: 4/5

Judgment: The best of the family when it comes to the image of being aware of luxury intersections. Still do not understand why you're bothering though.

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