Thursday , March 30 2023

Susanna Reid clumsily triggers Piers Morgan script because he is tantrums about the International Men's Day


Susanna Reid made the Piers Morgan script live on the air, as he was thrilled that he was not given enough attention to the International Men's Day.

The long suffering leader, who regularly calls on Piers for feminism and other issues, knows little, accepts their task if he does not stop for the rights of men.

Pierre told the camera: "By the way, Happy International Men's Day today, today we need a day. We are currently the most brutal group in the world." Especially white middle class men like me. We are a threatened species like rhinos.

"On the International Men's Day, well-made men: Be strong under attack. Do not worry, it's good to be male. It's not illegal, but in the end it will be illegal and women will get what they really want, which is not at all male, and then they will be left with each other, "he continued whining.

"And then they all will collapse, and it will all be, the end of the planet. But yes, it's great, right? Are men around the world destroyed?

Susanna broke the papers on the Piers table

She began to destroy them and throw them in

"This morning I'm disappointed, on the International Men's Day, I think I have received warm welcome," he said, before introducing Tajik president Emomali Rahmon's clip, which was congratulated by women who rode petals on their feet in the red carpet.

When the camera returned to the studio, Susanna broke the paper in the crate on the Piers table and broke him in front of her headquarters in the corner.

"Is this what you are?" she screamed, but threw pieces at his face. "International Men's Day?"

Susanna had no time for Neuer's nonsense

"I want a bit over, yes," he said.

The hour repeated, "Yes, that you feel better? I have fueled my fragile ego and your sense of danger?"

"It would be nice if women would come back again to love men one day and really respect men for the day," Pyr said in holy powers.

"We are all like men, you do not have to worry," Susanna added.

Susanna was the last word

By refusing to give her the opportunity to speak, Pierce continued: "Not minding" toxic virility "and" radical feminism. "If you really just said," thank you, thank you, men, that you are men. "

"For one serious day, there is a lack of squeals about how bad men are and we're just fine," he added.

But Susanna was the last word, and put it firmly in their place, saying, "Or is one crying day that lacks squealing about how you are at risk and how it would be illegal for a man to be one day. That's absurd."

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