Thursday , March 30 2023

Shock for iPhone X user after the device has started to smoke and caught fire


Apple users have some powerful new features installing iOS 12.1 – new emoticons, FaceTime, advanced camera AI – but none of them is a flamboyant iPhone.

Unfortunately, for one iPhone owner in the United States, his $ 1,100 device is "hot and exploding" shortly after he upgraded to the new operating system.

Rahel Mohamed told 360 Gadgets that he had used the high-end phone "normally" since he bought it in January and chose to charge it using the standard USB-C Apple Adapter by installing iOS 12.1.

After installing iOS 12.1, Rahul Mohamed's iPhone will fire. Pic: Twitter

When he was disconnected and later attempted to pick it up, it was so hot that he had to drop it immediately, and then he began to expel smoke.

"Dark gray smoke started from the phone," he said. "The update was completed, and as soon as the phone was switched on, it began to smoke and get on fire."

Mohammed reported Apple's problem by sharing several broken phone photos on Twitter. The rear panel glass appears to be damaged while the front display is shown in the picture.

"It's definitely not expected behavior," Apple's support department tweeted back. "DM us, so that we can study it with you."

The shaded rear panel and the misty front screen are shown in the pictures. Pic: Twitter

While the iPhone X is not widely reported as overheating, cases like Mohamed are far from unusual.

Seven people needed medical attention after the iPhone 6S battery overheated at the Apple store in Zurich, Switzerland earlier this year, and announced that it had exploded after being removed from the charger.

And Apple's competitor Samsung was removed from attraction or two in 2016, when several batteries Galaxy Note 7 devices exploded, causing the company to withdraw all handsets by 19 billion USD (16.7 billion).

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