Saturday , February 27 2021

O & # 39; Neill will talk to McClean before the Northern Ireland clash

Martin O & # 39; Neill talks to the attacker James McClean amid fears that he might be targeted to Northern Ireland's fans for his decision not to hold the memory of a poppy day.

Stoku's midfielder repeatedly found himself in the attack line before he blundered the day because of his longstanding attitude to the annual dignity of the war veterans and avoided a sanction from the Football Association after his angry social media response.

Campaigners have called on football authorities to stop what they call anti-Irish racism in the game, when they encounter incidents with McClean and Hibernian boss Neil Lennon.

In the near future, the Irish Republic's international born Derry, whose objections relate to problems in Northern Ireland, could again walk on a Thursday afternoon with a bracelet at the Aviva Stadium again in a friendly manner.

When asked if he was afraid that this might be a question, Neill said: "Jacob had a family illness yesterday, so I could not get an opportunity to talk with her. He just arrived this morning, although he was studying this morning, and I with let's talk to him in the next 24 hours.

"Of course, I hope this will not be a problem, but I do not know."

However, Capt. Seamus Coleman called the supporters to follow McClean's decision, which he explained to write a statement at his time on Wigan, and insisted that he keep a magician happy if it only mentioned the dead from the two World Wars, not after conflicts.

Coleman said: "Look, James is well suited to act himself, as people know. Jacob expressed his points about poppy situation three or four years ago when he was Wigan.

"He made a statement and he tried to be as respectful as he could in this statement, and I think he should follow his decision.

"The part of Ireland that he had grown up is close to home, and he has his own views on it, and we are in today's world in which people have to respect people's beliefs."

It will be an important night for colleague Derryman O & # 39; Neill, who won 64 caps in Northern Ireland and excellently led them when they came to Spain after the 1982 World Cup quarter-finals.

Asked if at any point he would have contradicted, O & # 39; Neill said: "Spending this time in North America 64 times above the limit, I think that there will be an occasional blow, yes.

"For me, of course, it was a great time to the north. We had a very good side back, especially in 1982, and will remember forever at night in Valencia. It was really great in winning the host country in Spain and getting to the quarter."

Neil has lost his striker Shane Long injuries, and his last team also includes the 18-year-old Southampton team member Mihail Obafemi, who also qualifies for England and Nigeria.

He also retains the hope of persuading Declan Rice to choose the Republic of Ireland after the teenager is pointed out in an interview that he still has to make a decision and will also want to provide England with his services.

Neil said, "I have always hoped, but I've never had more than that. But it seems that he definitely contradicts."

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