Thursday , March 30 2023

Nike teases self-binding slippers that use your smartphone to pull up


Nike tomorrow morning is expected to open new self-binding basketball slippers. Before the big event the company distributed Twitter (using Engadget), which shows that smartphones can be used to attract lace. The video shows several different athletes trying out sneakers and some of them are hiding after they have put on their shoes.

Just before the conclusion of a short video teaser, one of the athletes asks, "So can I connect it to my phone?" Then he touches the screen on his mobile device and immediately looks down. "It's crazy," is the last word from the mouth before the teaser ends. It should be noted that the new product is not visible in the clip.

If it turns out that the new self-made "kicks" lace can be customized with the phone, it will be an important upgrade from the 2016 HyperAdapt 1.0 (these are slippers at the top of the picture). The first self-tapping slippers used the physical "buttons" to get the shoe. In addition, the price of the new slippers is expected to be slightly less than half the $ 720 that the original version pays.

Nike apparently adds goods to be transferred to a whole new product.

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