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Limerick Tom Morrissey says "Treatymen" has always believed that their time is to win "All-Ireland"


Tom Morrissey says he never bought the idea that Limerick should play its part at All-Ireland top level.

Morrissey last year headed the All-Ireland area under 21 years of fame and was one of five players from that team, who began the ultimate victory in Galway in August, making extraordinary fast-paced mining.

In addition, there were five more players from All-Ireland until 2015, with both Morrissey, Sean Finn and Cian Lynch winning both.

"From a societal point of view, they probably thought that before our time we were a year or two because we were a young team," said Morrissey. "They probably looked at young people under the age of 21, and we won in 2015 and 17 and said," Give them a few years. "

"Golve won all of Ireland in 2017, in an attractive team [at under-21 level] In 2011, and I think people were expecting a similar period of time for us.

"As players, although at times we announce that you have to live in the present, and the time is such that it's not so surprising to the team.

"We had the belief that this could happen now.

The "standard 21s" hurling is so great that the margin has dropped a bit, and when we won those titles, we had a large part of us who were already involved with the elderly, so it was not that we all suddenly jumped. We were there for the last two or three years.

"It was my fourth year in the oldest committee, and I'm 22, and there were a lot of guys there."

The various members and leadership of the Limerick team in Salthill last March found the league victory in Galway as the critical point of the year, but it was later years before breaking the gap until 1973 when Morrissey thought to the forefront. .

Limerick Tom Morrissey will score goalkeeper Gwayer McVernery in front of Galway

"If you're honest, during the Munster Championship, you do not even believe it, but possibly after the Kilkenny attack and getting to the semifinals" Throughout Ireland ", your mind can not believe that here's All-Ireland for us."

The character of this victory above Kilkenny was particularly impressive, as Limerick was attacked by Richie Hogan's potentially disruptive goal, only completing the gap that included the Morrissey landmark who unfortunately missed PwC All Star last week, although his brother Dan was honored.

"I have not had much time to reflect on in the last few weeks. To be honest, I would say that it will be Christmas before I got to sit and I got a real report for the year.

"It was a nice point to get, and crucial, but under the circumstances the main thing was to overcome the line, not to beat Kilkenny since we won the championship in 1973.

"It showed how remarkable the achievement – and how important moment – it was to Limerick.

"When that happened, everything was instinctive. I picked up the ball, and if my wings were ahead of me, I just played the ball, but there was a place, and I just finished it.

"It was late in the game and maybe there was no time to drive the ball, but I was warned about the opportunity that presented myself, and I just went and took it.

"Maybe I was a little lucky, but I just went to it."

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