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Ireland Women are the youngest player to play in the controversy of the United States: Women's Six States

Ireland Women have chosen the youngest player in their history on their side to face the United States on Sunday.

Ireland's head coach, Adam Griggs, replaces Beibhinn Parsons, aged 16, and she will be the youngest player to play internationally in Ireland if she arrives in the squad.

Parsons, who plays Ballinasloe in the local game, won the main place in the U18 Home Nations series, while in Ireland he won for the first time in the tournament, with nine attempts to compete – including a hat-trick in a decision against England.

During the Sunday race in the Energia Park, three other non-detached players were selected, with their first starters – Lauren Delany and laureate Laura Sheehan.

While St Mary's College and uncapped hooker Emma Hooban is named among the alternates.

Ciara Griffin's captain Irish outfit against the fifth best in the world, when his line up at Edel McMahon and Claire Molloy.

Sarah Mimnagh will start for the first time in Green Jersey since she was in 2015 in 2015 in women in six countries.

Lindsay Peat makes her 23nd look to the free head because Fiona Reidy's hard head completes the front row.

Rail union The RFC team members Ails Hughes and beyond Nikki Cauhey fill half-back and scrum half, with Michelle Claffey and Sene Naoupu forming a center-level partnership.

The main trainer, Griggs, took the game after being called the new young look
with the US

He said: "We have named what we consider to be an exciting side for this weekend game, bringing together experienced players with some new faces that have affected the Women's All-Ireland League and Interpro Series.

"Over the last two months, we have been very well prepared for the camp, and the competition between the teams has really led our standards, which in turn has increased the quality of our rugby all over.

"The choice was not an easy task, and the players who chose to represent our team this morning and this week are up and hard work to earn their choice.

"This will be the US's third game in so many weeks and I'm sure they have been given the opportunity to draw and gel as a team.

"They had two tough games against Black Fern and England, that they, of course, will have learned a lot and come on Sunday, there is no doubt that they will be ready for us, which will be the challenge with which we must start from the beginning.

"This is a two weeks exciting team for this team and we look forward to seeing a big tournament on Sunday in Energia Park to support the team."

Ireland Women's Team Totally Against US Women, November 2018 International, Enegria Park, Dublin, Sunday, November 18th, beginning at noon. 00:00:

15. Lauren Delany, 14. Eimare Considine, 13. Sene Naoupu, 12. Michelle Claffey, 11. Laura Sheehan, 10. Nikki Cauhey, 9. Ailsa Hughes, 1. Lindsay Peat, 2. Sarah Mimnagh, 3. Fiona Reidy, 4. Aoife McDermott, 5. Ciara Cooney, 6. Edel McMahon, 7. Claire Molloy, 8. Ciara Griffin

Replies: 16. Emma Hooban, 17. Laura Feely, 18. Lea Lyons, 19. Nichola Fryday, 20. Jeamie Deacon, 21. Nicole Cronin, 22. Claire McLaughlin, 23. Beibhinn Parsons

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