Thursday , March 4 2021

Gareth O & # 39; Callaghan to return to radio bands for Christmas

Olivia Kelleher

Broadcaster Gareth O & # 39; Callaghan, who retreated from the radio after being diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease, Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), will return to this Christmas band to raise funds for charity.

Gareth says that a few days later he will return to the air to show some Christmas FM shows.

"This year all this helps Temple Street Children's Hospital. I wanted to do this for almost a decade."

Gareth recently broadcast his recent Classic Hits debit. Mr Calligan, who is also a clinical psychotherapist, announced his decision to leave his role at 4FM after being diagnosed with the condition.

At the same time, Gareth O & # 39; Callaghan songwriting will be hosted on November 28 in Vakara Street in Dublin, featuring artists such as Paul Brady, Phil Coulter, Brian Kennedy and Tommy Fleming.

Artists will celebrate Guetta's radio career from pirate days to real-life high-end adventure with Radio Caroline, his time at 2FM and his stay in an independent sector with Galway Bay FM and Classic Hits. This follows from previous fundraising gig Cork Opera House this fall.

Mr O & # 39; Callaghan said that he was trying to stay away from "bad, sad and why am I?" his aspect of diagnosis, while pointing out that he is really concerned about the decision to hold concerts to cover the cost of his treatment.

In a recent interview with Corks Red FM Gareth said that his life radio has been a "dream job". However, radio work is stressful and any kind of pressure is like the red meat with shark MSA.

Mr. Callagans honored his partner Paul, who he described as "the rock", as well as the doctors who have undergone the last few months. He said the disease is incurable and progressive, but he is provocative in the face of the disease.

"What happened in the positive sense that you have 57. You have a good baseball game. You have a good prospect, you are positive, you have hope, you have optimism, you have armor.

You must try to stay fit. What happens is a sharp deterioration in the production of dopamine in the brain. Your movement becomes very disturbed. This can cause a bad tremor.

Gareth said that the condition begins, for example, Parkinson's disease, but then it begins to beat the blood pressure, swallow and cause bladders. This applies to all areas of the body that we use unwantedly during the day.

"When you walk, do not think about walking. Unfortunately, you have to think about walking."

Tickets for the Vicar Street show are available here.

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