Friday , February 26 2021

Former Irish minor player Michael Keane advises Declan Rice on England's decision

England and Everton defender Michael Keane has offered his advice to new players who weigh the decision between Ireland and England.

The saga of Declan Rice continues to unfold, as the uncertainty about her international future continues, as the young man of West Ham recently called it "one of the most difficult (decisions) that I must do in my career."

Keane is familiar with the situation when playing in Ireland under the age of 17 and under the age of 19 before moving on to England. He spoke at an English press conference before their friendly and advised US players to "go with your gut".

Independent Keane explained that he always wanted to play the Three Lions.

"I greatly respect Ireland and I am grateful for the opportunity they gave me to play, but I always wanted to play in England.

"I would say that just go with your gut. At the end of the day, international football is great to play, but I think that you are the most proud to play for a country that you really want to play."

Keane explained that his heart was just with his birth country and that the family was an important aspect of the decision.

That does not mean I did not want to play for Ireland, but my heart is more in England. All my families are in England, my dad moved when he was nine years old, so we do not have many Irish families. So I always wanted to play in England, so I would say that just talk to your family. It's not just about getting a new age experience, but also about the country in which you are playing.

Rice is of Irish origin through his father Séan, whose parents are Margaret and Jack from Douglas Co Cork. The situation in this modern society will continue. Only this week, Martin O & # 39; Neill acknowledged Northern Ireland's interest in Jimmy Dunne was a factor when he applied to a temporary team.

Declan Rice has played in Ireland at all levels, although his senior performance was not a competing match, and thus he was able to exchange confidence in accordance with FIFA rules.

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