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Flights: The Ryanair website is displayed from tomorrow – customers must register online at COURT. | Travel news To travel


After the Irish airline has announced, Ryanair flights could be thrown into a chaos Online booking and check-in will not be possible within 12 hours Wednesday, November 7, at noon 17:00.

Ryanair has set up its systems upgrades and will shut down both its website and app in the morning to morning. 5:00 Thursday, November 8th.

Clients who are affected should contact e-mail or text, a low-cost airline in a statement.

Passengers are asked to check in online today to avoid Ryanair airport registration fee of 55 lats.

Travelers will not be able to make new bookings or change existing flights within 12 hours of closing.

Ryanair has apologized for the inconvenience, but refuses to give up airport charges of $ 55 or $ 20 for phone bookings.

Chief Communications Officer Robin Kiely said: "As part of our ongoing digital development, closing the network and upgrading the system will take 12 hours from 17:00 (UK time) on Wednesday, November 7, at 5:00 pm (UK time) on Thursday, November 8th, during which our online check-in service will not be available.

"During this period, flight reservations and changes will also not be available. Customers traveling on Wednesday or Thursday must register on the flight on Tuesday, November 6th.

"We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this upgrade that will further improve"

Passengers who can not check-in for today's flights before closing the web will incur airport charges of £ 55.

Ryanair refuses to pay passengers who are affected by system upgrades.

Consumer site Who? Ryanair said that when asked about their refusal to pay, Ryanair said: "Therefore, we have enough customers to travel on Wednesday and Thursday to register for the flight before the websites are closed."

Rory Boland, who? The travel editor commented: "The heat of the summer's summer retreat and unclear changes in luggage policy – this latest little bad news will not bring a lot of bad reputation.

"It is completely unfair that Ryanair refuses to give up airport charge for the period when it is free of charge through the site and the app is not available.

"Some passengers will almost certainly unexpectedly receive these 55 euro payments at the airport."

It is not known how improving the system will improve Ryanair's online portals, but in recent days there are reports of paying for and online sign up clients.

Ryanair has already been hit by fire because the rigid new hand luggage rule changes its introduction at the beginning of the month.

Travelers with the airline will no longer be able to take in a cabin baggage baggage free of charge.

Ryanair passengers can travel only with a personal bag measuring no more than 40cm x 20cm x 25cm. Bags, such as laptop bags or small backpacks, are included in this position, as long as they are below the front seat.

There are two options for travelers wishing to pick up a hand baggage invoice when traveling with Ryanair.

They can either buy Priority Boarding, which pays 6 pounds, or can pay £ 8 for a bag that will be placed on hold.

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