Thursday , February 25 2021

Egypt SHOCK claims: "Evidence is ahead of our eyes" that the pyramids "are built by aliens" Strange | news

Egyptian monuments nowadays compete with modern-day modern buildings, and humanity roamed for centuries. From ancient times, landmarks are connected to gods and gods, and the Giza Great Pyramid is widely regarded as one of the most unlikely achievements of mankind. These constructions were made up of civilization that lacked the knowledge of the wheel and was technologically limited in comparison with modern standards. Netflix's documentary film explorer Pyramid Code and conspiracy theorists question the possibility that the Egyptian pyramids were "built with high technologies."

However, the show explains that we are taught to believe that we are the ones who have knowledge of high technology that the ancient Egyptians might not have been able to.

Dr Carmen Boulter, PHD, says: "While we think that ancient times could not use high technology, we do not seek it.

"And yet the evidence is right in front of our eyes."

It is estimated that the Giza's Great Pyramid has about 2,300,000 stone blocks with a weight of 2 to 30 tons, and even has some blocks that weigh more than 50 tons.

The pyramid contained 144,000 shell stones, and it is believed that all of them are very polished and flat with an accuracy of 1/100 inches, about 100 inches thick and weighing about 15 tons in each.

The evidence of advanced knowledge can be found in the Giza Pyramid, since the four-party centers have an extraordinary degree of accuracy to form the only eight pyramids.

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