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Chip racking and raiding garbage cans,


The shells are down 90 pc
The shells are down 90 pc

There seems to be a lot of broadcast tanks, theft chips from unhappy tourists, and even pedestrian attacks.

However, Chicago has suffered so appalling falls in Ireland, which are now considered "at risk".

Although the main source of visibility and sound is still on the Irish coast, the herring is on the national "red list", which means that it is "very dangerous", as well as other more obvious species, such as golden eagles, light and corncrake.

Over the past 30 years, bird populations have grown by 90 percent – from around 150,000 to 15,000 to 20,000 today.

According to a specialist in the field of fishing, the decline in the fishing industry is mentioned as one of the key factors.

"There are many different species of gulls in Ireland, but it is a herring gull, which most people mistakenly refer to as a leg, and anecdotal people think that the number of herring cats actually increases," said Birdwatch Ireland's Niall Hatch.


"Now they are more common in cities and cities than before, but species have dropped significantly.

"We are, of course, worried about their number, and so they are on the red list."

Mr Hatch has acknowledged reports of herring lime that destroys damage and attacks people in cities such as Howth and Sutton.

"They are attracted to the streets, garbage bags and, of course, to people who feed hoses," he said.

"But we would urge people not to do gulls, because they are bad for them."

The largest column is located on Lambay Island with more than 1,800 nests. Another type of shell – the smallest Mediterranean climb – is increasing.

"Their main fortress would be in the Black Sea region and you would never have seen them before 20 or more years," added Mr Hatch.

"But in Dun-Laheir, it is the most common species of charles, of which more than 100. This is also due to climate change."

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