Friday , February 26 2021

Cars, drugs and a gun between items seized in the Dublin and Meath raids

Counterfeit cars, an air rifle, cash, jewelery and electronic devices have been used on several raids in Meath and Dublin.

Seven searches involving the CAB were launched this morning at Ashbourne, Navan and Dublin offices.

The CAB's investigation focuses on an organized criminal group, which is part of the Co Meath and consists of one family member.

About 80 officers were deployed in this search operation.

Three stolen cars were among eight vehicles seized with 1500 euros and ecstasy worth about 2500 euros.

    The following information was used:

  • Three stolen vehicles: Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Hi Lux, Toyota Avensis;
  • Four vehicles were used to label gas oil (green diesel);
  • One vehicle was used as evidence of a theft of another SUV in Cork;
  • Confiscated medicines (ecstasy) with a value of EUR 2500;
  • Separate different factories, mechanisms and instruments (including turning paper / mulch);
  • Seized € 1,500 in cash;
  • An air rifle was used;
  • Decorations, documents, mobile phones and electronic devices were confiscated.

Electricity theft from the national network is being investigated.

One person was arrested in accordance with an order issued by a district court.

Documentation on ownership of assets, financial documents, mobile phones and electronic storage devices was confiscated and is currently being considered by office staff.

The staff of the Revenue Office of CAB also looks at the tax situation in relation to each of the objectives.

The employees of the CAB Welfare Office deal with the social welfare problems that arise in relation to the goals.

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