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A small berth on a dead street in Dublin discovered by street workers "



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Earlier this morning, street physicians found the body of a person lying in the unprocessed inner city of Dublin Park.

According to its executive director Tony Geoghegan, a 40-year-old Polish man, whose name was not published, was a charity customer of Merchant Wharf Drug and Homelessness Services until his next relatives were notified.

The funny discovery of the charity team took place at around noon. 8:00, when they went to check two coarse sleigh in the nearby Sv. Audoena Park in Kuka Street, near the Cathedral of Christ's Church.

"They tried to wake her up, but he did not answer," he said.

The Garda confirmed that they are treating a man's death as a sudden death.

"Gardo and the emergency services took part in the show. The man was pronounced dead on the stage and taken to the city morgue where the post-mortem is to be issued, and a file will be prepared for the Coroner's court."

A spokesman for the Dublin Homeland Homeless confirmed that the homeless Polish have used their "medical and homeless".

But she could not say whether he had tried to obtain asylum from the executive before his death.

Mr Geoghegan however said that the deceased husband was wise to sleep at St Audoen's Park.

But he said that the person was using food and washing rooms and they would have had access to a 24-hour night cafe, which if necessary would provide bed linen if he so wished.

"He was not forbidden from us, he would have been a place to stay," said Mr Geoghegan.

"But last night there was a mild night, and when it's softer, people usually stay out," he said.

Anthony Flinn, head of the Inner City Homelessness Assistant, said that the death of a Polish man has been the cause of 27 years of death in Ireland for the last 16 months.

His death is also part of the worrying trend in which homeless agencies often see Polish citizens who arrived in Ireland to work in these years of boom, will suffer in difficult times and now live on the street, he said.

"There is a complete lack of services," he said about the shelter and other support materials provided for double beds in Dublin.

"Last night, there were 145 people on the streets, and this is just the number of people we know who we were friends with," he said.

The deceased tragically is the second homeless Polish citizen who has been dead on the street in the last two weeks.

Last month, Krzysztof Ciesielski, or "Krysto", was discovered on Lake Péteras in Monagañas as he was known to his friends from Naklo Nad Notecia in Poland.

Understandably, Mr Ciesielski, who was over at the end of the 30's, moved to Monaghan several years ago to work at a local factory, but after a few years he was in difficult times.

His death was only eight days after another ghostwoman over the age of 20 was discovered last month due to the Galway City Council.

The tragic death has called for peaceful housing minister Eoghan Murphy to meet with mayor of Galway, Niall McNally, to discuss what he described as a growing homeless city crisis.

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