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15 pounds of "golden gold" false tan, which you don't have to wash, sends beauty to the madness

FAKE Tanning, which does not need to be washed, has just been voted the best new tan for 2019.

Bondi Sands liquid gold tanning foam, which only develops for two to three hours, receives valuable reviews online, and this week's Australian Glosscar awards have won the best new self-referencing product charts.

    It receives rave reviews online


It receives rave reviews online

The £ 15 tan is one of the latest Aussie brand products – and thanks to its moisturizing foam and long lasting results, it receives hundreds of five star reviews online.

In two to three hours, the average tan duration is up to a week, and the brand promises a "perfectly bronzed skin that shines from within".

Coconut and argan oil infected buyers say the product is the most moisturizing self-employed.

It also does not require washing, and "disappears" over time.

    It is only £ 15 and available in the UK
It is only £ 15 and available in the UK
  • Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tanning Foam, £ 14.99, Look Fantastic – Buy Now

One lucky buyer wrote: "Consistently, I have always had SUPER dry skin that made tanning applications quite complicated.

"However, with the launch of Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Foam, the application was perfect and super moisturizing!

"Unlike other tanning foam, I was left with zero stripes or patches, and I left with a radiant bronze shine."

While another explained: "It's already my new favorite tan!

"Go as easy without stripes and smells!

"Dry super fast without any move and it is so convenient for someone like me who would like to put a tan and do not worry that you will wash it later."

One bride even discovered that she used it for a wedding with "beautiful results".

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The fake tan brand is known for being popular among celebrities and influencers, with several on Instagram to show their results.

And before and after photos, of course, speak for themselves, and several show their bronze look.

And while hundreds have duplicated it as "the best false tan they have used", it seems that the product is not suitable for everyone, with some openness it was very difficult to remove.

One wrote: "It quickly dried, and I could go to bed without carrying it on my sheets, which was nice compared to other tans.

"But to turn it off, it was another story, it started to come very spotty, I [exfoliated] four times, but it wasn't budding to the point where I had to use the puma stone to remove it. "

Another one agreed that she would "stick to a strong tan".

"I woke up with my hands in the very dark, and I had almost the whole day to wash it with peeling and a tan eraser, and it was still in my hands!

"I'm dreading taking it out of my body as you need to scrub very hard to get it off."

In several retailers, including Superdrug and Look Fantastic, you can wear a false tan for £ 14.99.

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