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Zumi Zola sued for 8 years in prison


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Zumi Zolai was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment for the prosecutor of the Corruption Prevention Commission (CPT).

Governor Jambi was inactive, and he also had to pay a fine of 1 billion Rp, 6 months in prison.

Other prosecutors asked the judiciary to abolish Zumi's political rights five years after the execution of his main judgment.

"Pointing out that the defendant, Zumi Zola Zulkifli, has been lawfully and convincingly proven by law is guilty of jointly committing corruption offenses," prosecutor Iskandar Marwato said when he read a lawsuit at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Thursday (08/11/2018)

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In his remark, the prosecutor estimated that Zumi's activities did not support the government's anti-corruption program.

It is believed that Zumi also damages public confidence.

"In relief cases, the defendant deplored his actions, the defendant was co-operating and open. The defendant has never been convicted. The defendant was courteous in court proceedings," said the prosecutor.

According to prosecutors, Zumi received funds in excess of 40 billion rubles. Zumi also mentioned $ 177,000 and $ 100,000 Singapore.

In addition to 1 Toyota Alphard unit.

Prosecutors said that Zumi received money through a close person, Apif Firansia, for 34.6 billion Rp.

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Then through Asrul Pandapotan Siothang, who is a Zumi Trusted Rp 2.7 billion, a cash of $ 147,300, and one unit of Toyota Alphard.

According to the prosecutor, Zumi received money from Arfan, head of the Office of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) of the Jambi Provincial Government, at $ 3 billion and $ 30,000 and $ 100,000 in Singapore.

Zumi also mentioned the results of the money to finance his personal and family needs.

In this case, according to the prosecutor, Zumi bribed 53 members of the Jambah Provincial Council of Representatives (DPRD) and ceded board members for a total of 16.34 billion.

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The bribe was granted so that the leaders and members of the Jambi Provincial DPRD approved the regional regulations of the Jambi Provincial for Regional Budget and Expenditure 2017 (RAPERDA APBD FY 2017) for the regional regulation of FY APBD in 2017.

Then, in order to endorse the Jambi provincial Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget 2012 (RAPERDA APBD TA 2018), it is the Regional Budget of 2018 Regional Budget.

According to the prosecutor, Zumi violated the law "No. 31" of 1999 Law "On Law" No. 20 "Amendments to the Law" On Corruption Offenses ", Article 5 (1) (a) or Article 13 His Article 55, paragraph 1, point 1 His Article 65 (1) of the Criminal Law.

Zumi is believed to be in breach of the 1999 law "On Law" No. 12 B ", as amended by the 2001 Law" On the Elimination of Corruption Crimes " His Article 55, paragraph 1, point 1 His Article 65 (1) of the Criminal Law.

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