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The Pilot Federation certainly does not have the power of the Fly Lion Air JT-610


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Chairman of the Indonesian Pilot Association (IPI) Rama Valerino Noya said that the pilot was authorized to fly the aircraft. On this basis, he believes there is no compulsion when the pilot is captain Lion Air JT-610, Bhavye Suneja, flew on the plane, which caused a fatal accident at Tanjung Karawang Waters on Monday (29/10).

He suspected that Bhavye was sure to fly on the plane because he felt safe and found no damage before the take-off.

"The pilot will know if the airplane can not fly, fly or replace other aircraft, but if the aircraft is actually flying, they fly according to the usual procedures," said Rama at the Graha Dirgantara Building in Halim Perdana Kusuma Complex, Jakarta , Friday (11/2).

If the pilot finds a problem, he has to write maintenance log or diary. This book must be delivered by the pilot pilot of the aircraft.

"It is compulsory to carry a book on civil aircraft and any events that occur in the aircraft must be written maintenance log– He told.

Then the pilot captain informs the aircraft technician to follow up. If the damage is less, it will be solved immediately. But if the damage is big enough then the aircraft should be "put".

"According to the procedure, as long as the pilot captain is certain, he will log in maintenance log say. Of course, he had discussions aerospace engineer whatever they did (repair), Rama said.

Accompanied Lion Air Kopilot family

In addition, Rama also stated that he would accompany the Lion Air JT-610 Kopilot, the Hervino family, who was the victim of an airstrike accident at Tanjung Karawang.

While pilot Captain Bhavye Suneja, who was also the victim of a plane, Rama said the airline had the power. Bahvye, an Indian citizen, is not a member of the IPI.

"The captain of the pilots is not a member of the IPI for foreigners or foreign workers," he said.

Rama also ensures that it continues to oversee the National Testing Procedure for NTSC.

Hopes that NTSC will immediately uncover the cause of the collapse after the evacuation team has discovered it black box the bad unlucky machine yesterday (11/11).

According to Rama, the results of the NTSC study can contribute to the Ministry of Transport's development of aviation security related to the national security system.

He called on all IPI members and the general public not to take the case. He was worried that the assumption would produce polemical and misleading information.

"We appreciate the NTSC and the Directorate-General for Air Traffic to make a thorough investigation," he said.

Aircraft belonging to the Lion Air JT-610 crashed on Monday in Tanjung Karawang, West Java. The plane flew to Pangkalpinang at 6.20am on Monday (29.10.) At Soekarno Hatta airport in Banten. But at 06.33, the WIB was announced to have contacted the plane.

The machine asked you to return to the runway before finally disappearing from the radar. The aircraft has a total of 189 passengers, of 178 adults, one child and two infants and eight cabin crew. (pris / wis)

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