Tuesday , March 2 2021

The officially declared Adelaida is affected by a syphilis outbreak

Thousands of people in four countries are infected.

Adelaide has been found to have an outbreak of syphilis. At the same time, local health authorities warn that unborn children may die if this contagious disease spreads in the womb.

Key points:

• An outbreak of cypress has spread to Adelaide

• Southern Australia has reported 64 cases, including infants since 2016

• Disease outbreaks began in Queensland at the beginning of 2011

The South African Health Board warned practitioners that the outbreak of syphilis was officially extended to adelaida after it had occurred in the Far North, the Eir and the western region of the country.

The outbreak began in Queensland in 2011, and since then, thousands of people in four countries have been infected.

The response of the Australian federal government to the outbreak, which included rapid response tests, has not yet reached South-East Australia. Answer originated in rural centers in Queensland, North Australia (NT) and Western Australia.

Director of Health at Southwestern Southwest on Infectious Diseases, Louise Flood, said that in the last six months there has been a small number of syphilis cases in Adelaide.

"It is advisable for all doctors to offer syphilis tests for Aboriginal and Torres strait islands to help control the outbreak," said Dr. Flood.

"It is also important for the control of the syphilis to find, test and treat infectious partners."

"We work with the federal government as part of the multidisciplinary syphilis management team to monitor the outbreak and coordinate public health responses."

Increased infection

South African healthcare data show that outbreak syphilis has been diagnosed with outbreak in the far north, the Eir and the western regions of the outbreak after the outbreak in November 2016.

Another 15 cases have been diagnosed with adelaide, and in the last six months, carriers have increased.

This new quick test tool will immediately identify if someone has a syphilis. Photo: This new quick test tool will immediately identify if someone has a syphilis. (ABC news: Allysons Horn)

The cases diagnosed in South Australia last year were children born with congenital syphilis – the first child born to a country with fatal illness in the last 18 years.

In October, healthcare professionals told ABC that it would take years to reduce the prevalence of infections in the country and called on the government to finance a long-term and sustainable prevention program combining sexual health education with training.

According to data from the Australian Federal Department of Health, more than 2,300 syphilis cases have been reported in four jurisdictions. In total, it was reported that seven children were killed.

Risk of pregnancy and embryos

A warning from the Australian Southern Health Authority warned that highly contagious diseases can be transmitted from pregnant women to unborn children, which can lead to perinatal death, premature birth and birth defects.

There are five cases of infectious syphilis in South Australia that are diagnosed in pregnant women. Syphilis also increases the risk of HIV infection, and if left untreated, it can permanently damage internal organs.

This disease can usually be treated with antibiotics, including penicillin.

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