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The National Commission on Violence against Women asks the prosecutor to postpone the execution of Baiq Nuril


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) has called on the prosecutor to postpone the execution of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court) judgment Baik Nuril Maknun.

The execution is scheduled to be held by Mataram District Prosecutor on Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

Baike Nuril was former SMAR 7 Mataram Honorary Worker. While working, Nuril often gets executives from sexual harassment.

After MA, Nuril was found guilty of distributing American-style sound recordings by his bosses.

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In addition, Nuril was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and a fine of 500 million.

"Komnas Perempuan asked the Prosecutor General, in this case we tried to postpone the execution, and a copy of the decision has not yet come, just the verdict," said the chairman of the National Commission on Violence against Women, Komnas Perempuan, in Jakarta on Monday (11/19). / 2018).

Azriana said that the decision should be implemented if a copy of the decision has been submitted.

"The procedural law states that execution of the decision can be made after the decision has been taken," he continued.

Nuril was previously asked to address East Ayu Putu Camundi Dewi as a prosecutor (JPU) on November 21, 2018.

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It was based on the convocation of the sentenced person on 16 November 2018 from the Mataram County Prosecutor's Office, signed by Agus A. Faisal, Head of Public Relations Office.

In the invitation to Nuril, in a letter asking for late delinquency, he objected and refused to request enforcement.

The reason is that the plaintiff did not receive the decision of the Indonesian Supreme Court on the level of cassation.

"We, as advocates, also Nurila's mother, objected to the invitation of the prosecutor asking Nurila's mother to attend and meet with the prosecutor before execution. We want to emphasize that execution can not be performed before receiving a copy of the Supreme Court decision," said a lawyer. Nuril, Joko Jumadi.

Yoko said that the ones they have announced are based on the provisions of Article 270 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which essentially determines that a court decision that has acquired legal force is still enforced by a prosecutor for whom an official sends a copy of the decision.

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On the other hand, the head of the Mataram area prosecutor's office (Kajari Mataram) I Ketut Sumadana still admitted that execution can not be postponed.

In addition, this time, the Nurila Legal Aid team, in his opinion, has not put an end to execution.

However, he followed the efforts of Nuril's legal team.

"We also honor court decisions that have a permanent legal force to maintain justice, to comply with the law. We need to do this or not, with regard to the delay, or we do not see development first, what kind of application, what kind of legitimate interest," said Sumadana.

He said that the past experience in this area did not exist at all, even the Court Control (JC) did not affect enforcement efforts.

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