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The lawyer urges Baiku Nuril to follow up on legal efforts


CNN Indonesia | Sunday, 11/18/2018. 20:50 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Bivitri Susanti, an expert on constitutional law, proposed Baiq Nuril Makmun to make further legal efforts to correct the judgment Supreme Court for violation of the judgment ITE law imposed on him. According to him, there are several other laws that Baki can accept.

The legal steps are; submitting a report of the Court, submitting a case to a judge commission or the Supreme Court Surveillance Agency. "I urge further legal efforts to correct the decision of the Supreme Court," he said in Jakarta, on Sunday (18/11).

On September 26, 2018, the Supreme Court sentenced Baiku Nurila to six months in jail with a cassation, led by Supreme Court judge Sri Murvahjuni, and imposed a fine of 500 million for three months in prison.

The judgment was issued in respect of the allegations made by Baiq on the application of Law No. (1) of the second subparagraph of Article 27 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 11/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council on electronic information and business (ITE). The case of The Baiq Nuril follows from the harassment, which, as has been said, is often carried out by his superiors at that time, namely the head of the SMAN, Mataram 7, initiated by M.

M shared her experience in sex with another woman whose wife was not on the phone Baikai.
At the same time, they are not satisfied with it at the same time to prove that he is not involved in cases discussed by the surrounding people, Bake in conversation with M.

Not his wish, the ribbon is widespread.

M, who did not receive a report, reported Baiq accused of breaching Article 27 (1) of the ITE Law.

In reports to PNMataram, it was decided that on July 26, 2017, it was not revealed that BaiqNuril would distribute content containing moral violations. The prosecutor then appealed.

Said Bivitri Baiq's trial had legal facts that the Supreme Court ignored. He said that, judging by the case, the Supreme Court had no sense of sensitivity to Baiku as a woman abused.

As the PA Decree No 2017 of 2017 has been adopted. 3 on Guidelines for the Investigation of Women in Law."So this thing can not be seen in black and white. The context has to be considered bigger," he said.

Bivitri has not dismissed the case, the Supreme Court was indeed subject to laws and regulations. However, he believed that the Supreme Court as a woman should be considered as a larger context in order to bring Baiq's case.

In addition, he considered the ITE Law, which was the source of Baiq's accusation, so far this was a very problematic one. "Therefore Ibu Nuril is not the only victim, there are plenty that, in my opinion, is not true that they will be canceled in the ITE rule of law," said Bivitiri.

Bivitri disagreed if the presidential amnesty efforts were immediately carried out in Baichi. Because he believed, there were still other legal efforts that Baiq could undertake to achieve justice.

"I think this is possible (amnesty), but we should take it from a legal point of view first. Because this executive body can intervene in both ways. We must first deal with the court case and adjust the Supreme Court like this," he said.

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