Thursday , February 25 2021

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Audiences are encouraged to simply enjoy a movie without having to touch on their policies.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – film competition Hanum and Rangga against A man is called Ahoku Indonesia's director Nurman Hakim is raising his voice, which is becoming a trend in the debate. He asked Indonesian audiences to see, enjoy and evaluate both films as films and works of art.

"Release the broad political context of reading and interpreting the film. There is something to speak about as a movie and an art work, although there are disagreements about it in our hearts," Nurman said on Tuesday. (12/11) at night.

He invited the public to enjoy and appreciate these two films, as well as receive a message or a lesson from both films. "If we come and look at certain claims, everything that is presented in the film will be considered wrong," Nurman said.

He will testify himself Hanum and Rangga and A man is called Ahoku. Movie A man is called Ahoku He watched first after the movie Hanum and Rangga.

Movie Hanum and Rangga and A man is called Ahoku is currently experiencing intensive competition even during the political debate among Indonesian society. The company compares the number of filled auditories and links the film to politics. Not only that, the news revealed that there were instructions to watch together coloring the competition in both films.

According to Nurman, there are other non-business-related elements, which have a large part that characterizes the competition between the two films and becomes a matter of political debate. "The business element can be but, in my opinion, there are other elements that, in my opinion, are greater due to differences in opinion, understanding and politics within the context of group A and group B. Thus, the flavor becomes an identity policy," he said after Borobudur's writer and cultural press Conference Festival.

Nurman looked at two films, Hanum and Rangga and A man is called Ahoku which is five years ago or coming, may be a problem that will not occur. "The film as a text to understand it, we need to look at the context, but this context is too far and then to be sought. It will diminish the way we read the film's text," he said.

In these circumstances, in his opinion, in this very broad context, there will be many reviews that will be on the film. In fact, this does not exclude the possibility that the film does not deal with the review itself.

"It affects the number of viewers," he said.

Nurman also added that it was ultimately a movie like reading the text in a context that was too broad.

Hanum and Rangga She talks about the man and woman's novels, Ranggu and Hanam, in a country where Hanum strives to pursue her ideals in order to continue her career in the media and donate Ranggu to her husband. Since A man is called Ahoku tells a dramatic story of Ahoka's relationship, or the full name of Basuki Tjahaj Purnama with his father and the formation of the beginning character, and things that make Ahok become a public figure, for example, now.

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