Thursday , March 4 2021

Thaufiqkur Rahman: Many HIV patients are uncovered

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID, MARTAPURA – The Banjara Regional Health Office noted that there are still a large number of AIDS patients in the Banjara district that were not discovered.

The head of the Department for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Thaifikkurrahman) in the Banfur District Health Office said that his party had intensely implemented access to community groups.

"Indeed, the increase in HIV-related AIDS cases in Banjar Regency has seen HIV AIDS since 2005, which is why we are approaching the service of close to HIV-friendly wellness centers in order to get close to the transgender community groups," he said.

He explained that looking at their human resources, Martapura 1 Health Center, which was planned as an HIV-friendly health center, is ready. HIV AIDS is volatile each year, depending on how to turn to high-risk groups.

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He stressed that his party was not cunning, but studied how HIV-AIDS was not discovered when approaching these high-risk groups.

Given the incidence of HIV AIDS, such as the iceberg phenomenon, it slightly exceeds it, but at a lower level, it does not prevent the possibility of gaining more than existing data.

"When we discovered it, it was changed to take preventive medicine. The suffering of this condition is healthy people, keeping these conditions intact so as not to reduce the status of AIDS, as their strength and endurance dropped sharply," he added.

He called on Banjar Regency people to be brave enough to test themselves in light of the memorable topic of the upcoming December HIV AIDS Day, which I am brave and healthy.

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AIDS The number of AIDS cases in the Banjar Regency from 2005 to 2018 was 138 cases that consisted of HIV-infected people of 105 and AIDS to 35 people and those who died of three people.

People with HIV infection (HIV infection) Kabupaten Banjar There are 117 people in the HIV population with 102 people and 15 people in AIDS.

An incident in 2017 was 36 people who consisted of 30 HIV people, 2 TB people in HIV and 4 AIDS. Although the findings in 2018 were 25 people, consisting of 20 HIV people, one HIV pregnant woman, three HIV TB people and one AIDS person.

"With regard to gender, there are more men than women in the 61-32 age group and 12 people are not known, and therefore there are 105 people in total.

Also, AIDS has more men than women, from 23 to 10, a total of 33 people, "said Taufikqurrahman. (

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