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Technology Tips: Take photos using the Instax Square SQ20 Camera


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – This tech tip will discuss the tricks for using the Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera. How to use this camera is really easy, but there are still some special ways to keep your pictures well.

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An Instaxgrapher or professional photographer with Instax Putra Djohan camera explains some tips for getting the best image results using the Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera camera demo last week.

"I used the previous Instax series camera when I use the Instax SQUARE SQ20, which I have explored using the most advanced and versatile features," she told Aston Kuningan Suites, South Dakota, on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

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Here are five tips for Putra to be able to print the best photos with Instax SQUARE SQ20:

1. Enough Light
To create clear photos with Instax SQUARE SQ20, Putra said, make sure the surrounding lighting is sufficient. In this case, natural light from the sun can deliver better results.

"However, if you're compelled to shoot with minimal light, you do not have to worry, because users can use the brightness of the Instax SQUARE SQ20 to increase the brightness of the image," Putra added.

2. Use the frame marker Grab
Shooting does not mean you need to get in a few seconds. Instead of using the frame grab function, Instax SQUARE SQ20 users can record short videos and write at rare moments.

For example, when the subject of a picture goes to the swimming pool, users can choose photos with the best expressions and timelines. Therefore, the results of photos do not look bad, just like most photos.

3. Adjust the appropriate color saturation
For photos to look warmer, users can increase yellow or red saturation. "These colors are usually perfect when users photograph food items or people," Putra said.

Meanwhile, to make photos cooler, users can bring out a blue and green color. The color is suitable for photographers taking pictures of objects such as mountains or beaches. Before printing, users can also make color adjustments directly from Instax SQUARE SQ20.

4. Use Self-shot Mirror for Selfies
According to Putra, so as not to interrupt the adoption of wefies, make sure that the object can be seen from the selfie curved glass attached to the Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera. This way, there are no more unsuccessful or shorter results.

5. Do not hesitate to use filters
Photography is a form of personal art. So do not hesitate to express yourself using the filter and effects for the Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera.

"For example, if you want to create a classic photo, you can choose a static or roppong filter. For photos that are full of colors, you can create a partial color filter and choose the color you want to highlight," continued Putra.

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