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Show in the cinema "Man called Ahok" Wins landslide from "Hanum & Rangga"

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Premier movie "The Man Called Ahok" / JIBI – BUSINESS / Feni Freycinetia, Jakarta – Some Indonesian movie titles are played in theaters. The two newly transmitted and talkative films were "Man Ahoux" and "Hanum & Rangga".

On November 8, in addition to viewers, many viewers linked the two films to the political tensions of the state. As you know, the movie "A Man called Ahok" is a story about the inconsistency of the former DKI Jakarta Governor Basuki Thaya Purnama (Ahok).

Meanwhile, the movie "Hanum & Rangga" was taken from the story of Amien Rais, the daughter of the founding PAN, Hanum Salsabiela Rais, who was very opposed to Ahok. Although both films have family themes, there is no political element.

Reporting from the Man Man Ahok has gained 587 747 viewers on just 4 program days or until Sunday 11 November.

This achievement is fantastic. In the past week, Putrama Tuta directed the movie to become the best-selling Indonesian film.

The movie actor Daniel Manant, who could not capture the film, when he learned that the film in which he played in over four days earned more than half a million viewers.

"Thank God, and thank you to everyone who has watched," he wrote on Instagram @vjdaniel on Monday (12/11/2018).

Unfortunately, Hanum Rais can not achieve the same achievement. Even though Rio Dewanto and Acha Septrias have been featured, the film "Hanum and Rangga" received only 201,378 spectators.

On the first day of the exhibition on November 8, "The Man called Ahok" was quite strong, gaining 103,002 spectators, but the movie "Hanum & Rangga" saw only 45,123 spectators.

Not only that the achievements of Hanum and Rangga are currently being questioned by various parties, thanks to a virus letter from the DP DP, which instructs its cadres to watch the movie "Hanum and Rangga".

Meanwhile, Hanum Rais, the daughter of politician Amien Rais, sent a letter to Muhammadjyah University Chancellor of the University of Surakarta (UMS), which was invited to watch Hanum & Rang. In a letter, Hanum also asked the Chancellor to facilitate the promotion of the film by posting posters in the university's rural environment.

Then, can the movie "Hanum and Rangga" attract the audience "Man in Ahoyok"? What's up in the cinema? Let's wait for the sequel.

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