Monday , June 5 2023

Researchers discover the need for 15 years to recover after someone stops


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Many studies and health experts point to the dangers of smoking.

For this reason, it is advisable for a smoker to stop at least for health reasons.

Even if the smoker has stopped, it takes at least a few years to get him out of the smoking face in his body.

Start Daily Mail, at least smokers should wait 15 years after smoking.

This is necessary to prevent the effects of smoking on heart disease and the risk of stroke to normal levels.

Previous studies have shown that the risk of stroke for former smokers is stable over five years, but new studies suggest that it might be needed three times higher.

The report, which will be presented at the American Heart Association conference, is the first to look at relationships in living groups.

After analyzing data on 8,700 people aged 50 years.

Researchers in Vanderbilt discovered that in the heart of a smoker for over ten years, it was necessary to avoid the damage to nicotine, tobacco and many other chemicals in cigarettes.

Good news, the heart and blood vessels recover most from the damage to the cigarette, says saint Meredith Dunkan, a doctoral student at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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