Saturday , March 6 2021

Realme Suspension 3 With the Helio P60 chipset appearing in the Geekbench

Although the name of the smartphone is unknown, rumors are spreading, revealing that the Realme smartphone with the Helio P60 chipset can be launched with the name Realme 3 – Realme has announced it is going to be the last month Helio P70 with chipset-based smartphone, and this may be the first smartphone driven by a chip.

Now one unnamed smartphone has just appeared on the Geekbench standard site. Instead of Helio P70, a device that has a RMX1833 model number is considered to be shifted by the Helio P60 chipset.

The Helio P60 is a MediaTek chipset that runs its first Realme 1 smartphone. While the name of the next mobile phone is unknown, circulating rumors reveal that it could be Realme 3.

We hope that a lot of leaks will take place to reveal more information about the specifications, Realme Smartphone will be made later.

Realme guess 3 with Helio chipset P60 appears Geekbench "width =" 678 "height =" 540

In addition, the Geekbench list reveals whether this smartphone will receive 4GB of RAM and runs on Android 8.1 Oreo.

Although in terms of performance, this device managed to reach 1560 and 5926 single and multi-core tests.

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