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Push Chicken Campus Brave HIV / AIDS Test


Push Chicken Campus Brave HIV / AIDS Test - JPNN.COM

Dating is a pair of men and women. Illustration: Jawa Pos Radar Bali

jpnn.comJAKARTA – CSWs, including campus chicks that often change with partners, make it vulnerable to the transmission of HIV / AIDS. Therefore, you need to be aware of HIV / AIDS transmission, especially among sex workers.

Data from the Indonesian Human Resources Community Fund (Kaki) show that four out of ten female workers (WPS) are campus-based chicks. Activist Denies Foot Foundation Eka Saputra explained that the Campus Chicken profession is one of the educational goals to prevent the spread of AIDS.

According to the rejection, Chicken Campus or other professions that are closely linked to changing partners are not safe, will be vulnerable to the spread of HIV AIDS. "The dark side is really there and close to us. It can not be denied that a lifestyle can make these students dark in their eyes," he told JawaPos.Com some time ago.

Therefore, the Foot Foundation continues to encourage the GWV to focus on health problems. "We always provide education to draw attention to health. They are further encouraged to participate in HIV / AIDS tests," he said.

For this reason, the Kaki Foundation launched a campaign to encourage people to undertake an HIV / AIDS test. According to him, HIV / AIDS is a health problem.

Banning, said, in fact FSV tends to dare to carry out HIV / AIDS tests and take care of health. In fact, eight out of 10 WPS dare to carry out HIV / AIDS tests. "This is what we continue to encourage the GFS," he continued.(ika / JPC)

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