Wednesday , March 22 2023

Oppo will present a 10x optical zoom camera


Oppo will present a 10x optical zoom cameraSource: Google

It is reported that Oppo will present the camera with 10x optical zoom capabilities. This technology was anticipated to be introduced in MWC 2019 later in Barcelona. However, Oppo seems to be hosting a special event to introduce 10x cameras optical zoom it.

As for the plan, Oppo released a poster stating that it would introduce 10x camera technology Hybrid Optical Zoom In China. The event is scheduled to take place on 16 January.


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Please note that Oppo has previously introduced 5x technology lossless zoom. At that time, the concept offered by Oppo was quite interesting. Oppo uses two rear cameras Wide angle and telephoto.

Unlike most cameras, the Oppo 5x zoom is based on a periscope camera. Easily, Oppo changes the angle of the camera to 90 degrees, allowing the room to increase. Interestingly, this design also uses a camera with a thickness of 10% thinner than a 2x optical zoom lens.

In mid-January 10x Hybrid Optical Zoom will be introduced to Oppo. Unfortunately, it is not yet known how Oppo will understand it. This concept may be the same as 5x zoom technology.

The new technology in this chamber is expected to be the successor to the Oppo series F and R17. The Oppo 5x optical zoom has not been commercially released to date. Hopefully this 10x optical zoom technology will be presented in Oppo phones in the future.

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