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Oppo Reno Use Nokia Technology That Is It?

Oppo Reno 8 GB + 256 GB RAM Option. (Oppo China) – Nokia is not only a smartphone, but also several technologies. One of Nokia's technologies is the use of modern smartphones such as Oppo Reno.

The Oppo Reno smartphone offers many unique features. One of them on the camera side is awesome, including a unique pop-up selfie camera.

But what is Nokia's technology used in this Oppo Reno smartphone? The answer is in the smartphone's sound recording technology.

Quoting from Gizmochina, Oppo Reno uses audio technology from OZO to record sound. OZO Audio is a brand of Nokia audio technology.

Neither Oppo Reno nor Nokia themselves mention that the smartphone uses OZO Audio. It has been suspected that this was the result of each company's strategy.

Oppo Reno Smartphone. [ Rahmat]
Oppo Reno Smartphone. [ Rahmat]

Nokia technology itself is complex in audio matters. OZO Audio can make advanced sound recording on your smartphone.

OZO Audio lets you record 3D surround sound only with your smartphone. Not only can it record sound sources after zoom and camera focus.

Recording with the camera zoom is what the Oppo Reno smartphone has to offer with the 10x zoom offered.

Who would have thought that the Oppo Reno smartphone used this Nokia technology to improve the quality of sound recording. Or do other smartphones use it?

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