Sunday , February 28 2021

New "online" transport module Jakarta newspaper

A new online startup or startup company offers its own unique features. Prices are specified in a specific price cluster, and after the transaction the rider is not deducted.

The popularity of online transport is increasingly widespread. With the benefits of relief, speed, security and affordable pricing, the online transport concept has now reached the city of Indonesia. And in order to coincide with the Youth Swear Day, on November 10, 2018, the company was named the Bonceng, the latest on-line transport pilot company.

This application will continue to increase the number of drivers who now have only 2,000 people. Even if it's new, Bonceng has a lot of services, including Bonceng Motor, Bonceng Mobil, Bingkis parcel service and Bunguks service, which is a special service between meals.

The competition between two online carriers, namely Go-Jek and Grab, is Bonceng's advantage to compete. Applications that were recently operated in Jakarta and surrounding areas do not charge a fee for each transaction from the driver, without explaining how to earn revenue.

"Bonceng, we get rid of managers of all fees or transaction fees. They are enough to meet the requirements to be online to receive orders," said the founder and CEO of Bonceng Faiz Noufal. The prospective drivers for both bicycles and four-wheelers are sufficient to meet the requirements for online orders. Each completed transaction (100 per cent) belongs to the manager.

Regardless of the deal he conducted, Bonceng promised not to cut even one rupee. Another difference is that if the competitor's application level is based on the distance traveled and even Grab will increase the tariff if there is a rise in demand Bonceng sets a different rate than that already there.

The rates do not exceed the kilometer of travel, but the cluster prices based on the radius of travel distance, which are grouped in rounded prices. Starting with 5000 rupees, 10,000 rupees, 15,000 rupees and 20,000 rupees and so on. Bonceng's peculiarity is that consumers can order reception services at a desired time for the next seven days.

Consumers can book early depending on the hour of the pickup. The reservation model benefits several days before consumers no longer have to do so, so they are not busy booking, and waited for a pickup because the driver was expected to be ready to pick up at the specified hour.

Panic button

One of the concerns of online transport users is security. In order to provide passengers with protection, the Bonceng application is equipped with a panic button with a bell icon that can be pressed in an emergency. "The panic button is connected to the police station, the emergency medical services and the closest relatives," Faiz explained.

He said potential followers wishing to join Bonceng could register in several steps. First sign up using the application or pillion website. id, then first you will have to check the prospective driver with the document followed by the acquaintance before the driver can finally actively seek consumers. Although Bonceng has now used potential passengers since launch only at the managerial stage.

Especially on the Hero's Day, Saturday (10/11), when registered with the Bonceng reference code, the user receives 100,000 rupees in Bonceng's electronic safe, which can be used as a rebate for the first 20 journeys. Wall / E-6

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