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Misunderstanding about the level of dark glass films

JAKARTA, – The most common and frequent changes when people buy a car are to install a window film. Indonesia does not yet have a regulation that regulates window films so that every car owner can install any type of window film without any limitation of darkness.

To many people, window film was installed up to 80 percent dark. In fact, according to Makko Group President Christopher Sebastian, the level of darkness is not proportional to the heat absorption of the window film.

"Indeed, there are still many who think the darker is the more heat resistant. Even though it is not always. JIExpo, Telkomsel IIMS 2019 on Friday (4/26/2019).

So how to choose a heat-resistant window film? The first thing a prospective buyer needs to know is the window film brand and try to get it from the official dealer. It can then be checked directly with UV light to determine the heat resistance of the window film.

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"Try to find out what kind of window film you want to buy and try to buy it from an authorized dealer. Then you can ask for a UV test kit for you to know about heat absorption. The brands in Indonesia like V-Kool, Masterpiece, First Class or 3M can be called a number of famous film glass brands with good heat absorption but still buying at an authorized dealer to avoid being counterfeit, ”explained Christopher.

Makko Group is responsible for several film glass brands circulating in Indonesia. At Telkomsel IIMS 2019, Makko offered the latest version of First Klass, which includes UV 400.

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