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M Taufik Give DKI Cawagub the chairman the PKS with the Terms


The Cawagub DKI Jakarta PKS offer must be appropriate and appropriate.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, DKI President Jakarta Gerindra Party (DPD) Management Board (DPD) Muhammad Taufik finally agreed to award Jakarta Deputy Alternate to the Welfare Legal Party (PKS). However, according to Taufik, this does not mean that the DKI Jakarta Governor's site will be filled in with figures from PKS.

"Not at once also PKS. So there must be a pass fit and appropriate test, "Taufik told journalists at JDC's Jakarta Jakarta office on Monday (5/11).

This Moooooo's attitude can be a great improvement over deadlock what happened so far. In fact, the DKI Jakarta Governorate has been vacant since the beginning of August 2018, or since Sandia Salahuddin Uno said he stopped because he wanted to become a vice president for the 2019 presidential election.

Due to the resignation of Sandies, the names of the names of the potential substitutes should be presented to the Anie-Sandi Group, namely the Gerindra Party and the PCA. So far, the names have not been decided.

Taufik yesterday met with Jakarta PKS PKW executives at the DPD Gerindr Jakarta Regional Office. After the meeting, Taufik emphasized that the DKI Jakarta Governor understands the issues of the capital. In addition to DKI's urban issues, the DKI Jakarta Governor should be understood as governance.

"It just is not enough about management not I understand the question of Jakarta, "said Taufik.

Understanding the issue of capital and government, Taufik said, which is to be verified by the governor, which will be submitted to PKS. He also mentioned that Anies and Parole were also the first to use the mechanism fit and appropriate test before being finally nominated as DKI Jakarta Governor and Deputy Alternate.

Taufik Syakir Purnomo, chairman of the Jakarta Regional Council, said that on Monday afternoon (5/11), both sides presented a number of recommendations. One is the consent of the DKI Jakarta wagub seat, authorized by the PKS.

"As for the DKI Jakarta Governor, God willing, we will do it together fit and appropriate test we have agreed that the chairman is an authorized, authorized PKS, "explained Syakir at a press conference in the Jakarta Gerindra DPD office on Monday (05/11) in the afternoon.

According to Syakir, in the near future, his party will soon announce the names of the candidates to Jakarta's governor's seat. These words will be submitted later to complete fit and appropriate test.

"God wants, in the near future, we will publish a few words that we offer. At least this word OK good it has become popular, "explained Syakir, on Monday (9/11).

Syakir said his meetings with Gerindra were announced yesterday to DPW and DPP PKS leaders. It will also announce which words will be submitted to follow fit and appropriate test.

It will then receive information from the drivers, either just two words or more. However, he acknowledged that if the leaders had been heading, his party would immediately submit it to the media.

Then, speaking of claims, he also claimed that he would do it in an internal team. "God wants as soon as possible. We can report a light tomorrow (today) DPP," explained Syakir.

Syakir also stressed that, according to the tradition of the PKS itself, the cadres will be nominated or elected. However, he said that DPKS DPP and also Jakarta PKS DPW had already identified two names.

The two words are Agung Yulianto, Secretary-General of the DKI Jakarta Regional Command Council, and former mayor of Bekasi Ahmad Syaikhu. However, this does not exclude the possibility that titles will increase again to propose them fit and appropriate test.

"With whom we will get in touch later," he explained.

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Anies's answer

The DKI Jakarta Governor Ani Rasii Basvand visited the DKI Jakarta Governorate this afternoon to discuss issues between supervisors, namely PKS and Gerindra (7/11). He hoped that the results that came later would be a unanimous outcome on both sides.

"My hope is to reach a consensus. There is no oval agreement," Anis said on Monday (5/11) at the Jakarta City Council.

Anies explained that his party had actually written to two parties to the notion to immediately hold talks on the deputy seat of the DKI. Each letter was sent on October 19, 2018.

So, according to him, the Director General of the Ministry of the Interior (Ministry of the Interior) sent a letter to him, his party had written to both parties. "We did not tell, but on October 19 the Provincial Government sent a letter to the bearers. And there are procedures and others. And on our part, before we get the letter from the Director-General, we have sent it to the party," Anys explained.

He said his party had taken administrative procedures by sending letters to both sides. He emphasized that long before his side received a letter from the Director General of the Ministry of the Interior, his party sent a letter to the party.

"If there is no announcement, we will not even announce that we have sent a letter. Why this administration procedure sent only letters, but we explained it to inform the public far before we were reminded that we had acted," he said.

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