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Lee Jong Suk's Disappointment and the Immigration of Indonesia Imprisoned Passport Drama – VIVA


VIVA – After South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk was finally able to return to Ginseng on Monday 5 November 2018, after the Indonesian immigration authorities had been detained by drama and could not return to their homeland

Jong Suk goes to Jakarta for information fan meeting Crank Up Casablanca Hall in Saturday, November 3, 2018.

Based on information from immigration authorities, Jong Suka's passport was arrested and he was denied return to South Korea because he was using visitor visas in Jakarta rather than working.

Yes 24 But Indonesia, as the initiator, said that the problem was caused by a third-party fraud aimed at taking care of Jong Suk's administration and licensing in Jakarta.

"Yes, we apologize, too, because we have made our choice safety. But here it is clear that the party is also annoyed by the party safety said Yes24, but an Indonesian spokeswoman who did not want to be named VIVA when he will be accompanied by Jong Suk Southern Jakarta Immigration Office, on November 5, 2018, on Monday, November 5.

At around 18.30, WIB Jong Suk, dressed with all kinds of black clothes and hats, arrived at the South Jakarta Immigration Bureau using the black Mercedes-Benz S400 and two Hice cars that had all the staff.

Actor of the Serial Theater Pinehose It was also afraid of the problem, it was the first time that it had happened.

"Yes what are you doing people feel frustrated. He is already really stuck ya what are you doing"He (feared) asks for protection from the South Korean embassy, ​​and we encourage," said the promoter again.

Indeed, the originator did not clarify the licensing and visa issues clearly Jong Suk, until the end of the 30-year-old actor uploaded photos in his own Instagram account, @ Jongsuk0206 Monday afternoon, 5 November 2018.

"He does not complaint, just feeling frustrated as because he does not understand the real problem. He is not clear today. So he also deleted post-after an explanation, "said the initiator.

Jong Suk is actually scheduled to return to South Korea on Sunday night, November 4, 2018, while Immigration officials spoke on Park Shin Hye passports and their opponents visas. (ase)

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