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Kalla Group focuses on the development of energy and logistics business

Kalla Group focuses on the development of energy and logistics business
The Kalla Group president, Solihin Jusuf, at the Kalla Kalla Group's media gathering on Thursday (08/11) at night. (Siti Munawaroh – business), MAKASSAR – Kalla Group focuses on the development of business lines in the energy sector and the opening of cooperation with e-commerce logistics business as well as the potential for significant business growth in both sectors.

The expansion of the Haji Kalla family business in the energy sector is done through Kalla Energy through several subsidiaries. In total, the Kalla Group conglomerate operates in a number of regions, for example in the automotive, transport, logistics, construction, property, manufacturing and energy sectors. although most of them are located in Sulawesi.

Kalla Group President Solihin Jusuf Kalla said that the company is currently focusing on the development of the energy sector, especially green energy, and the total hydroelectric potential portfolio (PLTA) reaches 1980 megawatts (MW).

"We focus on the use of green energy because green energy is environmentally friendly, does not harm the land, does not cause pollution, Kalla Energy has three 600 MW hydroelectric power plant concessions, and our focus will be on the energy and logistics sector," said Colillon Kalla Group on Thursday afternoon.

Kalla Energy has registered the management of hydroelectricity in the Kalla group of companies operating in several regions of Indonesia, including PLTA Poso I, PLTA Poso 2, PLTA Poso 3, PLTA Kerinci, PLTA Malea and PLTA Mamuju.

"In the case of Mamoussi, it does not work, the energy potential is about 450 MW." The potential for developing new renewable energy in our region is quite high, "said Solihin.

Currently, the Kalla Group, with the help of PT Bumi Sarana Migas, is leading a partnership with national and multinational companies to develop LNG distribution projects through virtual tubes and fuel diversification.

The company, continuing Solihin, also developed mineral processing using the PT Bumi Mineral Sulawesi flag. Ferronickel and stainless steel melting equipment is currently under construction, with a construction volume of around 80%.

"We hope to start production in 2019 with a goal of 33,000 tons per year feronickel." The location is in Luwu nickel from Morowali, we are working with Bukak's refinery, "added Solihin.

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In addition to energy, the Kalla Group also focuses on developing logistics business by setting up warehouses or storage warehouses. At present, Kalla Logistics is working on the distribution of shipping services from one region to another through the car carrier, freight, air freight and sea freight.

"Among the subsidiaries one of which we focus on is the logistics and storage industry." We add one fleet to promote logistics and create multiple warehouses for Manado and Gorontalo to serve diverse industries, "said Solihin.

The company's total land for warehousing business is about 20 hectares. Kalla Group, acknowledged Solihin, is collaborating with e-commerce, providing storage warehouses. Warehouse business development opportunities are quite large considering the current business trends.

"We have partnerships with a number of fast-moving consumer goods companies. The logistics business is also supported by land transport. We promote logistics business development, reducing price differences in the Eastern region," he said.

The Kallas group conglomerate wheel, now 66, is now headed by the fourth generation. With 14 subsidiaries, around 30% of the Kalla Group's revenues are currently investing in business in the energy sector.

"If the automotive industry continues to be the backbone of revenue, without the inclusion of the energy sector, our business growth has grown by 8.4% (outside the energy sector), according to the current year's forecasts." The total assets are about 11.3 trillion rubles, "said Kalla Group's corporate strategic and Development Director Disa R. Novianty.

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