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Join the 2018 Borobudur Marathon, this Polish man wants to stop the world record


MAGELANG, – Polish man Machnik Wojciech (41) joined the Borobudur Marathon 2018 Central Java Bank, Borobudur Temple Magelang, on Sunday (18/11/2018).

Wojciech wants to stop Guinness World Records because the most participating marathon, operating in many countries in one year.

"Borobudur Marathon 2018 is the 12th event, I broke the record for a trip in 63 countries. The record was previously marathon in 58 countries," said Wojciech, Borobudur Temple on Sunday (18/11/2018).

Wojciech successfully completed marathon (42K) on Borobudur. For another week, he will be in the Vietnam marathon and another 50 countries to visit until August 2019.

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"I participated in only one marathon event in one country, I was allowed to participate twice in the same country. I am glad to find a new atmosphere," he said.

His passion for sports began again in the last five years. But only in the last three years he began to seriously participate in various competitions, especially in marathons.

Wojciech likes marathons because they are challenging sports. In addition to the trajectory that differs from country to country, it also has experience in obtaining hunting information about the various marathon competitions to find flight tickets and accommodation.

"I came across a variety of routes, which in many countries were long and tedious. Then what about when I was looking for tickets, accommodations and others. That was a challenge for me," he said.

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Soul Wojciech is indeed an adventurous spirit supported by his constant work as a travel agent in his country of origin.

"I like to run, I can go to different places in the world. I enjoy diving with Bali friends. I often go to Singapore to meet with customers," he said.

The result of an aircraft jolt

All trips around the world are often recorded in personal files that are similar to the diary. Including the records of marathon trips, including their personal website, will be followed and respected

In fact, his parents in Poland did not want to travel with Wojciech. They worry that bad things will happen when the run goes to Wojciech, for example, hopelessness of planes against large waves in the sea.

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Similarly, when he went to Bali some time ago, the airplane he was in was forced to sink because of disturbances in the clouds.

"When I went to Bali, my airplane was stacked, up and down, the passengers were hysterical and prayed, afraid. But, fortunately, the plane was able to get safely," he said.

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