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Iyut Bing Slamet cries hysterically when she is arrested at her home


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Former child singer Iuth Bing Slamet was arrested again on Thursday for drug use in his home (12.12.2020).

When he was arrested at 11 p.m., Iuth Bing Slamet cried hysterically.

Ijuts could not deny this when the police searched and found a plastic clip and a suction device for the spent methamphetamine.

The 52-year-old woman finally refused to be taken to Jakarta’s southern metro police.

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Until Saturday (12.05.2020) The drug case was released, Ijut still seemed sobbing. Two police officers continued to try to appease Ijut Bingu Slametta.

“Iyut is still in shock,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombe Budi Sartono.

For this, Budi continued, Ijutu was accompanied by several police officers. Ijutt was also reluctant to make a statement about his case.

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As for Iutta’s statement to the police, he had just bought 0.7 grams of crystal methamphetamine from Johar Baru in central Jakarta.

His home consumes the crystal alone.

The artist’s youngest brother, Adi Bing Slamet, admitted to using the drug since 2004, but not regularly.

“Indeed, used since 2004. Disconnected, disconnected, sometimes used, depending on financial circumstances,” Budi said.

Police are currently prosecuting the culprit, who sold crystal methamphetamine to Iuth Bing Slamet.

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