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Indonesian national team closed training before counter Timor Leste duels


Jakarta – Indonesian Timma the ceremony took place before the second day of the AFF Cup against Timor Lestetad at Madi Stadium in Senayan on Sunday (11/11/2018) WIB.

Training session started at noon 16:30 WIB, 23 participants participated. The player turned out to be an enthusiast when he took part in a small workout session, coaching the team.

Evan Dimas et al. It seemed jogging and then practiced "cat-mouse" for 15 minutes. During this period, the media are given the freedom to watch or take pictures.

After that, Milky Way trainer divided the two groups of players. One uses a waistcoat and the other is not. Media was then forbidden to see or take photos when the Indonesian national team was trained.

"The players are still in a position that is not yet valid as they traveled yesterday. Today, we divide the team into two teams, one of which was filled by players who played 90 minutes yesterday," said Bima after a training session.

"We did not play yesterday, we gave more training so that they could be fit and ready to play against Timor Leste," Bima said.

Indonesian national team will meet Timor Leste, Bung Carrow's Main Stadium, Senayan, on Tuesday (January 13, 2013). The victory is the price of the Garuda team's death to maintain the expectations of qualifying for the semi-final.


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Free-time video news was almost over when Singapore won 1-0 in the Indonesian national team in the B-group AFF 2018 Cup on Friday (11/09/2018).

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