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Immigration Answer The allegations just want to invite yourself to Maria Ozawa


Director of Immigration, Teodorus Simarmat, public relations director denied allegations about Maria Ozawa's alias Miyabi, who called the Immigration Party exam only on behalf of Selfies. Theodor said the claims were not proven.

"This is what our accusation is responsible for, the investigation period until it is completed, there is no statement, which means there is no accusation that there is no evidence," the theodore said when it is confirmed on Wednesday (11/07/2018 ) at night.

Theodorus then explained that the star of the former hot film in Indonesia began. Miyabi told Theodorus, went to Indonesia on November 5 to attend the birthday event in Bali villa villa.

"So the information received from the first Bali Maria Ozawa arrived on November 5th to visit her friend's birthday. Second, it turned out that this boyfriend promoted her birthday event while pointing to the arrival of Mary Ozava. Based on information from one side or the other, the immigration team dropped on November 6. by half, during the test, it was not detected that Maria Ozawa was carrying out activities that violate licensing, "he explained.

An example of irregularity is when Maria Ozawa comes on tours or charges. However, he stressed the Miyabi test results were zero-defective.

The monitoring of Maria Ozawa's program was mentioned under the standard procedure. Subsequently, the immigration officer requested documents and inspected them at the Denpasar Immigration Office.

"According to standard procedures, after the supervision, the officers presented themselves and requested documents. After the documents were received, the officials stated that Maria Ozawa had appeared in the office of the protocol. But since Maria Ozawa had moved to the plane this day, she forced the immigration officers to check it was completed. even this time, "said Theodorus.

"After completing the test, Denpasar's Immigration Bureau freed her to go on business or go home. It was a chronological one," he added.

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